IPOB Press Release

Published On The Biafra Post

February 13, 2022

(1) First of all we thank you for acknowledging that our struggle for freedom is genuine and Correct and not the other way.

We also, thank you people for maintaining the cardinal rules of Journalism of objectivity. We also appreciate your respect for  the ethics of journalism and balance in reportage.

The struggle for Biafra freedom is meant for everyone and we expect you to also identify with us in any way because injury to one is injury to all. Put succinctly, the struggle for Biafra liberation is a fight against endemic injustice perpetrated against the harmless and peace-loving people of Biafra by the Nigeria State in collaboration with the colonial powers yet to forgive Biafra for championing the Nigerian independence in 1960. Because of the prominent roles of Biafrans who championed the Nigeria independence struggles, the colonial masters before relinquishing power, structured the country to work against BIAFRA.

So, IPOB has been in the forefront of this struggle for liberation of our people and we must achieve it by the grace of God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama who is in Heaven. Our aim is to end the marginalisation and humiliation of our people; to restore their human dignity and hope; and to give them a country where they can live in peace and fulfill destiny.

(2)Also we thank you people for recognizing that there was a massacre of the people of the East in 1966 which Nigeria has been covering up by removing history from the Nigeria academic curriculum of primary and secondary schools since 1973. This crafty manipulation is simply because they don't want the world to know the evil they committed against the innocent citizens of Biafra. 

But IPOB has exposed the atrocities of the Nigeria state against Biafra and brought it to the knowledge of the world. Today everybody is now talking about the atrocities committed against the people of Eastern Nigeria during the war from 1967 to 1970. 

Self-determination is not a crime but the right of the people to agitate for freedom. Our struggle for independence is not a declaration of war as mischievously misconstrued by the enemies. We only want to be free from oppression and subjugation; We want to be free from political exclusion and economic strangulation; We want to free from mass slaughter by those who value cows above human lives.

If the atrocities and unprovoked attacks against Biafra by Nigeria and in particular the Fulani jihadists were to be done to any country in Europe or Asia, do you think the world would have kept quiet? We don't know why the world has continued to watch the on-going genocide against the innocent people of Biafra by the Nigeria state and non state actors. When we agitate peacefully, they slaughter us the more, and those who are lucky to be arrested alive are dumped in various secret cells in the North and abandoned. Yet the same double faced Government is busy freeing arrested Fulani bandits and terrorists killing Indigenous Nigerians in their numbers. 

IPOB remains a peaceful movement seeking freedom for the oppressed people of Biafra and those who don't know what we are doing are busy blackmailing us. But the fact is that the movement for the emancipation of Biafra is beyond any single individual including our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. It's now a global movement which cannot be stopped by any man born of woman. It's a divine project that must be completed.

Ironically despite our peaceful disposition the Nigeria State has continued to use brute force against us but they can't stop us. Instances of such brutal use of force to crush IPOB members and Biafra agitators abound. In 2016 IPOB was marking the remembrance of our fallen heroes and heroines which we commemorate on every 30th of May by coming out on the roads to carry out peaceful procession. But were massacred by the Nigeria security agents at Nkpor in Anambra State. Similarly, in 2017, we were  to hold a peaceful rally at Okirika Grammar school but we were again slaughtered en mass by the same Nigeria security agents. 

 Someone advised our leader, Mazi Nnamdi KANU that 2017 own supposed to be sit at home so the Nigeria security agents cannot lay hands on anyone to kill and our leader obliged him and that made sit-at-home order more important and interesting after that sit-at-home order on 2017 the Northern elders, coalition group and youths gave Biafrans 90 days ultimatum to leave their region, actually we wanted it but they were advised by their allies to jettisoned that idea because that would have been the end of Nigeria. Our members were holding ordinary prayers in Aba the same security agents stormed the venue of the prayers and started gunning people to deaths. Scores were killed and their bodies taken away and burnt by the wicked security operatives who cannot confront terrorists in the North.

(4)  Thank you for accepting that 1999 constitution of Nigeria is a fraud and a ploy by the Northern oligarchy to subject us to perpetual slavery. That's why they made it near impossible to amend the Nigeria constitution. It was a deliberate thing. How many times have they attempted to amend the Constitution? Has it been successful? Those clamouring for restructuring have they been able to restructure the country? Peaceful disintegration is the only solution to the Nigeria malady so that each nation can stay in peace, govern itself and develop at its pace. But because Biafran is laying the golden egg sustaining NIGERIA, the cabal running the country don't want to hear disintegration. But one day they won't be able to suppress it anymore because it's a divine mandate.

That is why we are so strong and can never capitulate in this pursuit for freedom of our people no matter what they do. They must leave us alone or give us a date for referendum to decide whether to stay in Nigeria or Biafra nation. 

(5) Thank you again for acknowledging that IPOB has been asking for nothing other than a referendum to free our people to enable its people to choose if they want to leave or stay in Nigeria. Again, we never declared war against Nigeria , rather,  they are the ones killing us everyday thinking by killing us, they can stop us from our quest for freedom and independence

We promise them there is nothing they can do to change our resolve to restore Biafra no matter how they try. They have been unjustly killing and arresting our people. Today many of us have no home because the hypocritical Nigeria  security agents burnt our houses and  women amongst the arrested victims were raped in the custody several times a day by Nigeria soldiers especially those  Fulani terrorists in Nigeria army and police uniforms. 

(6) IPOB is not attacking or insulting people with  different opinions or opposing views. This is incorrect. As I said most people don't understand IPOB's strategy and operations. Such people make all manner of unguarded utterances against us and when we respond in equal propensity they will tag it that we are insulting them. Again, some detractors among the political elite and some elders collude with the enemies to deal with our people and when we criticize them they accuse us of being rude forgetting the height of the recklessness of the so called elders.

There is no body that will come with pure minds and IPOB wil insult such a one. But if you come with bad minds IPOB will reply you the way it will clear your eyes. We gently respond to responsible opposition but those who come to disparage IPOB we won't accept that.

However, it's important to note that many persons claiming to be IPOB members are not IPOB members. Some are online and some are offline who go about acting contrary to the principles and laws guiding the movement they are simply saboteurs who want to destroy IPOB. 

You understand that IPOB believes in settling diverse opinions through intellectual engagements, discussions and debate. That's why we demanded referendum to settle this agitation. IPOB is always willing to accept any superior argument from people. 

You need to understand that, that is the main reason  our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu always allows people to ask him questions after most of his broadcasts so he can see if there are diverse and better opinions to accept. Let us understand that IPOB is open to good suggestions any day any time. Let them understand that the movement is built on accepting diverse opinions and correcting errors when necessary.

(7) People of the East do not believe in imperialism, and  cannot head organizations that will not want secondary opinions different from theirs. However, make them understand that such opinions are very welcome as long as they can bring solutions to what it was criticising cannot bring and not just unnecessary attacks.

(8) On their view about banning Nigerian National Anthem, we thank you once more for your suggestions and ideas. I can assure you that your suggestions are welcomed and will be looked into by the leadership of IPOB. After  deliberations by IPOB leadership we are going to communicate to you .

(9)This media house in USA you made us proud by reporting our plights in Nigeria to the people of America and the rest of the world and we plead with you to remain objective and truthful in all your reportage. One day you will be coming over to cover our independence anniversary!


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