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February 15, 2022

It is gradually becoming a norm by the brute APC - led government of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari and his South East puppets and political serfs in government houses to be unleashing all manner of carnage against our people and burning down their hard earned built houses all in the name going after Indigenous People of Biafra and Eastern Security Network personnel. It has vividly come to our notice and sense of reasoning that the occupational Nigerian government under the caprices of the Fulani caliphate has concluded and deployed her military might in Biafra land to be causing mayhem against law abiding citizens of Biafra. Our youths are missing on a daily basis with the security agents tagging every able body young ESN member and for that they decide jungle justice on the person.

First it started with the invasion of Orlu local government of Imo state and the bombardment of Orlu bushes and forests, when the military and the South East serfs saw that they have been defeated by Eastern Security Network resorted to burning down of houses on alleged grape vine that the buildings belongs to members of the Eastern Security Network which pure fallacy, instead of the defeated Nigerian security agents to leave in shame turned themselves to rabid dogs. The ragtag Nigerian Military later invaded Izombe on the order of the governor and caused damages that affected the livelihood of the peasant farmers within the Izombe community and also went ahead to burn down their houses.

The occupational Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Police Force, and the Department of State Security Service on the 12th day of February 2022 invaded the peaceful community of Umuonyeoka, Okponkume, and Ihitteafiukwu all in Ahiazu Mbaise local government of Imo State and set so many houses belonging to the peasant villagers on inferno on an alleged falsehood that they were looking for Eastern Security Network personnel. Eastern Security Personnel don't live in the alleged houses but right inside the bushes and forests across Biafra territory. The occupational army of perdition have made an in-road decision to destabilize our region and our economy so as to force our people to start life afresh from square one like they did during and after the genocidal war on Biafra supervised by Rtd. Gen. Jack Yakubu Gowon, Obafemi Awolowo and the British government.

South East governors were tipped off by their Fulani slave masters from Northern Nigeria to do anything within their constitutional and unconstitutional  powers and make sure that they help them nail and stop the Indigenous People of Biafra's Eastern Security Network from chasing the Fulani killer herdsmen out of our farm lands, bushes and forests. To our bewilderment immediately these set of fools in South East imperialism government houses and established Ebubeagu Security Outfit to counter what Eastern Security Network represent and do protecting our mothers and the girl child from the hands of deadly Fulani killer herdsmen molestation, abuse, rape and subsequently they get killed and nobody talk nor challenges them for such barbarities and instead the Nigerian government keep giving them cover so as to perfect the final plan of unleashing jihad and forceful Islamization of our land and people.

Ebubeagu Security Outfit is not going nor fighting the deadly killer herdsmen causing all manner of sacrileges in our land rather they were empowered and mandated by the South East serfs that established them to go after members of Indigenous People of Biafra and Eastern Security Network, this will entail our audience that something is fishy and wrong somewhere; for record purpose, Ebubeagu Security Outfit are in collaboration with the Nigerian Army and Police, eliminating scores of innocent Biafran youths in many communities in Biafra land, like in Ohafia, Isiukwuato of Abia State, Orsu and Orlu Local Government Areas of Imo State, Oboh Umutanze, Attah, Okporo, Amaifeke, Ihioma, Amaazu, Amannachi, Nnempi, Akata, Orsuihiteukwa, Umutanze, are some of the areas Ebubeagu Security Outfit in collusion with Uzodimma and his Nigerian Army of occupation have wreaked havoc on, killings in these affected areas include hapless women and children with their houses burnt down to ashes.

It has become expediently necessary that we - Biafra Reporters call the attention of “ Hope Uzodinma - the Supreme Court governor of Imo State and a political serf of the Fulani oligarchy and his gang of terror to order and ask him why he had chosen to used soldiers and police personnel to be eliminating innocent Biafran youths because of our absolute determination to be free from the oppressive Nigerian government. Biafra Reporters findings revealed that mortuaries across our region, especially in Imo State, are filled up with unclaimed corpses, and we also found out that the state government secretly buried them in mass graves or destroyed their remains with acid from time to time, these and many more are atrocities committed by Hope Uzodinma to please those that put him a position of power.

Biafra Reporters are asking Hope Uzodinma and his APC party, why do they derive joy in killing innocent Biafran youths in cold-blood while Fulani bandits and terrorists go unchallenged in their killing spree across Nigeria?. What crime did Imo youths commit to deserve the ongoing secret genocide in the state?. Biafra Reporters seek for the attention of the United Nations, America, British High Commissioner, Israeli Ambassador, German Ambassador, French Ambassador, Canadian Ambassador, Japanese Ambassador, Australian Ambassador, Amnesty International, Intersociety groups, Human Rights Watch, and all  Human Rights Organisations across the globe to send investigation teams to these communities mentioned in this editorial so as to find out first hand what the situation look like here in Biafra.

We sincerely hope that when the aforementioned organizations or individuals visit Biafra territory for fact findings they will confirm to their amazement, that nobody is dwelling in these communities. The youths and people have been indiscriminately and mercilessly being killed by the Fulani terrorist soldiers deployed in Imo State by the Federal Government of Nigeria in collaboration with Hope Uzodinma - a political puppet. Incessant killings of the youths by men of the Ebubeagu Security Outfit in Ebonyi State, Imo State especially had turned the affected communities into ghost towns. Biafra Reporters are all out now to expose these series of atrocities committed by Hope Uzodinma, Nigeria Army and Police including the Ebubeagu Security Outfit. It is too condescendingly appalling that Ebubeagu Security Outfit would join hands in killing our people and call them unknown gunmen. History will judge them all when we finally restore Biafra.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

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