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JANUARY 04 , 2021 

Report By: Patrick Odey |

There is tension in Afaha Oku, Ikpa community, in the Uyo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, following the killing of two scrap collectors in the community.

PUNCH Metro gathered that the victims were lynched in retaliation for their alleged involvement in the death of an indigene, identified as Anietie. A resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the incident occurred on Sunday, January 2, 2022, around 9am.

He said, “What happened was that the youth of the village set ablaze two Hausa scrap collectors who killed an indigene of Afaha Oku village, Anietie, after a misunderstanding. “Anietie went to collect his clothes from the laundry shop on Sunday morning. While returning to his compound, he encountered two Hausa scrap collectors with some items they removed. “I was told that he accosted them and asked them what they were doing in his compound. The two Hausa boys got angry and started beating him until he collapsed. When Anietie’s brother who was inside the house saw what happened, he shouted for help.

“People rushed to the scene and caught the two scrap collectors. I learnt that the boy died on the way while being rushed to a hospital. So, the news of his death infuriated the youth, and they >

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Odiko MacDon, who confirmed the incident, said the Commissioner of Police, Andrew Amiengheme, had ordered an investigation into it. The police spokesman regretted that the deaths would have been averted if the community youths and the scrap collectors had not taken the law into their hands.

MacDon noted that preliminary investigation revealed that within the hours when people left for church, the two scrap dealers entered Anietie’s house and stole certain items. “The Commissioner of Police has ordered that a very thorough investigation be conducted while he still maintained the stance that jungle justice has no place in our laws,” he added.



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