IPOB Press Release

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January 26,2023 

The  global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)  under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU wish to once again, debunk the falsehood and propaganda by the Nigeria army and police against  innocent Biafra youths especially Eastern Security Network ESN operatives.

The Nigeria Army Commander as well as the Police Commissioner in Imo State derive pleasure in dishing out fake information and falsehood to disrepute IPOB and ESN operatives. 

We, therfore, want to once again, declare that contrary to fabricated lies by the security agencies, ESN has no camp in Lilu, Orsumoghu in Anambra State and  Mbaise, Obowo in Imo State. The claims by the Nigeria security agencies that they discovered IPOB/ESN camps in the affected communities are all lies concocted to blackmail us and justify further destruction of more Igbo commuunities by security agents.

IPOB and ESN have no camps in these communities. We are not militants nor cannibals. Criminals can never be said to be IPOB/ESN members. We are not cultists. Our mission is the restoration of Biafra, and that has nothing to do with cannibalism and abominable things allegedly going on in such camps.

Nigeria security agencies and government of Imo State created these criminals thinking they can demonise IPOB and ESN members but unfortunately they turned against innocent members of the society.

Hope Uzodinma, APC and some evil politicians in Imo State are busy trying to eliminate their political opponents with the intent to blame IPOB for such atrocities. But we want the world to know that we have no hands in what is happening in Imo State.

The media columnists recruited to Launder and polish the purifying  image of Uzodinma who now blame us for exposing the evils of this Fulani stooge should not stand truth in the head because of money. Where were you when Hope Uzodinma came out on media saying he invited army and police to come and bomb his people in Umutanze and Orlu LGA including Orsuihiteukwa?

Hope Uzodinma did not know that the same soldiers he invited could turn against innocent citizens of Imo State. 

Hope Uzodinma instructed soldiers to go from house to house searching for IPOB members. Many innocent youths including member of IPOB were abuducted, and some unaccounted for while many others are still dumped in many detention facilities across the country.

We call for the release of these victims. Why should innocent Igbo and other Biafra youths be languishing in cells for committing absolutely no crime while Fulani terrorist Herdsmen are roaming free and cause more horrific crimes?

May we also warn our people not to fall prey to fraudulent elements masquerading as  IPOB media team working for MNK. We declare without equivocations that there is no such group called IPOB media team working for MNK. IPOB has no such group. 

Our people should beware and not allow people defraud them in the name of IPOB. Any fundraise that is not approved by the leadership of IPOB i.e the Directorate of State, DOS is not genuine, and should be avoided anywhere in the world. We know  DOS and no other person or group. 


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