IPOB Press Release 

December 8, 2021

The attention of the global family  of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)  ably led by our great liberator and prophet, Mazi Nnamdi KANU, has been drawn to the fallacious and laughable, statement from the Nigeria Army and Police, claiming that IPOB/ESN operatives planted  IED in Awo-Mmamma and its nearby community, Mgbidi in Oru East of Imo State. 

The purported statement and false propaganda that troops thwarted IPOB/ESN attacks on two Imo communities and uncovered IEDs should be disregarded. This is another desperate but futile attempt by the Nigeria security agencies   to implicate IPOB and ESN operatives. It however, did not come to us as a surprise because it has been their stock in trade. This is another blatant falsehood.

For the records, IPOB and ESN operatives never planted, and have no plans to plant IEDs in any part of Biafra land. ESN since it's inauguration by our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU in December last year, has never engaged in any terrorist activity. Its mandate has not changed: protection of our ancestral land against Fulani herdsmen and bandits attacks . 

It's only ridiculous for the security agencies to try to link IPOB or ESN with planting of IEDs, when in fact Nigerias know who those who plant IEDs are. Planting of explosives is the signature tune of the  Fulani terrorists and bandits.

Assuming but not in any way admitting this idiotic trash, if we should resort to planting of IEDs, who do we want to kill? What do we want to achieve? How can we be stupid to begin to plant bombs that will kill our people whom we are staking our lives daily to protect and defend against Fulani terrorists?

To further punctuate their lies, how come these shameless liars claiming to be security agents are only swift in discovering IEDs purportedly planted by IPOB and ESN but fail to detect the same IEDs planted by Fulani bandits and terrorists which have claimed thousands of lives in the North including security operatives themselves although mainly from Southern Nigeria? It is now clear that these terrorists in military and police uniforms are working in cahoot with their  rag-tag counterparts in the forests to achieve the same agenda . While they keep betraying Southern troops serving in the North, these jihadists and terrorists in security uniforms deployed to Biafra land are now busy planting IEDs in their desperation to implicate IPOB and ESN.

What a shame that everyday Fulani terrorists, Boko Haram, ISWAP and MIyeti  Allah use IEDs and other dangerous weapons to kill Christians, non Muslims and non Fulani communities in the North undetected and unchallenged by security agents and those who are not fulani in the North! But the mischievous security agents operating in Biafra land will be swift to uncover their so-called IEDs which they planted 

The world should take note of this evil and hold Nigeria accountable for any victim of their devilish plot in Biafra land.

IPOB has since suspended its Monday sit-at-home. It makes no sense planting IEDs for whatever reason. We have no hands in the purported IEDs. We don't spill blood. We are only seeking justice for the oppressed people of Biafra. We are not and will never be. We don't operate in the dark, we are identifiable. We maintain our presence in over 100 countries and we have never been associated as a terror group. It's only in Nigeria that the authorities are desperate to implicate us as terror group but they have failed woefully.


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