Published on the Biafra Post 

December 11, 2021

By Seun Opejobi

A coalition of Civil Society Organisations, CSOs, and non-governmental organizations, NGOs, have accused the military of being responsible for insurgency and criminality in the country.

The CSOs and NGOs said internal wrangling within the military was responsible for the country’s persistent insurgency and other violent crimes despite the Federal Government’s huge support to security agencies.

They noted that unless urgent steps are taken to resolve internal wranglings in the military architecture and strengthen the Defence Intelligence Agency, the challenge of insecurity may regrettably persist.

In a statement, jointly signed by Aliyu Bello of Peace and Conflict Resolution Initiative and Ambassador Jude Uchenna of Alliance for Justice and Peace, they warned that the vow made by President Muhammadu Buhari not to handover an unsecured nation to his successor may not be achieved if the perceived lapses are not checked.

“This is the second time we as a group are making intervention over the issue of insecurity within a period of one month. It has no doubt threatened the corporate existence of Nigeria. Almost every day, reports of attacks by Boko Haram/ ISWAP on communities dominate media reportage. There has been a display of bravado by the terrorists in recent times by attacking military bases or formations.

“The of President Buhari has vowed not to hand over an insecure nation to his successor. He has matched words with action by purchasing a lot of military soft and hardware. It is safe to say, at the moment the military does not lack the sophistication to crush the terrorists.”

The groups pointed out that Buhari has taken all the necessary supports to end insurgency in the country.

“It is convenient to state that President Buhari has provided all moral, financial, legal support and body language, needed to end insurgency in the country”, the statement added.



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