By Zephaniah Makuochukwu | Biafra Reporter

December 11, 2021

We chose the rough path not because we want to be hurt, it is the only way to freedom. No other option. In IPOB we were born, in IPOB we are going to sacrifice our lives for freedom. We were taught to fight for the truth even if it requires fighting dirty, to stand for the just even if we stand alone, to fight for freedom to the last man standing. 

It has to be made clear to the world that what we seek for, does not in any way deny others their right, entitlement or possession. We are not and can never be Nigerians, that is the obvious truth; we are Indigenous People of Biafra, light and darkness can't be at the same spot and time.

For the sake of freedom our blood was sheded by the brute ruthless Nigerian State, in defense of our lives, land, heritage, tradition, culture, children and future we died in millions, without a shred of fear we gave out our lives for this course. We have to know that no one will do it for us, the world turned a blind eye to what the terrorists Nigeria government are doing to us - innocent Biafrans, they kill us as they wish, take away our youths forcefully, rape our women, kill our infant babies, will that stop us from fighting for our freedom? Absolutely no! 

In IPOB we took oath to defend this noble course with our lives, we love and cherish, it doesn't matter what the enemies do, it doesn't matter how many of us they kill, it doesn't matter the lies they tell to the world, we are going to overcome, for what we fight for is spiritually inclined, ordinary reasoning can't comprehend it not, it is an ideology that can never be killed with guns and bullets.

I charge you fellow comrades to put behind your fears, your gains, your emotions and separate the chaffs from the grain, for we are IPOB and we are whiter than snow and whiter than white. We fear no man! Obey the last command for that is the command of the master. The enemies are within, wolves in sheep clothing, you have to see beyond physical appearance, sweets words of the enemies within, misleading moves of the moles, you have to be vigilant at all times, guard you heart not to unknowingly fight against those that are the engine of this great movement.

We have gone so far to back down, it's either freedom or all living things in this enclave will cease to exist. It has never been easy all this while, we have lost much that is so dear to us, and for this reason we must keep on pressing hard on the enemies till freedom is archived.

To this end comrades I would humbly love to remind you some key things...

Biafra is the goal,

Onyendu is the key,

IPOB is the gun and bullets,

The leadership is the engine,

Our media is the face of this struggle,

ESN is our last line of defense,

Our lawyers are the only legal warriors we have.

Protect the above mentioned at all costs and time. Anyone outside these things and claims to fight for our freedom are enemies in sheep clothing. Guard your heart, for you can not give what you don't have. Remember that the enemies comes as helpers, sympathisers and lovers of freedom and Biafra, but they came to sow the seed of discord, confusion, hatred, pointing accusing fingers, lies, to steal, destroy our collective efforts, guard your heart comrades. We have already overcame.

We are IPOB, we owe no one any apology.

May Chiukwu Okike Abiama see us through.


Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

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