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November 24 ,2021


The Alaigbo Development Union has explained reasons why the Igbo people of South East Nigeria are insisting on self determination.

Spokesman of the group, Comrade Abia Onyike who spoke with EverydayNews said it’s to “enable Ndigbo to enjoy the maximum benefits of national sovereignty which the Hausa-Fulani hegemonists have blocked since 1960.

He argued that only a Sovereign nationhood can permit Igbo civilization to blossom and not to be drawn back because of the unfavourable political relationship between Ndigbo and her neighbours in the chaotic and crisis-ridden Nigerian federation.


“Even the Amalgamation of 1914 was a fraud and was not meant to usher in genuine development and Renaissance for the Nigerian peoples. Nigeria is a federation of divided people. The British created Nigeria as an omnibus state to frustrate Igbo advancement in world affairs.

“We live in a generation globally where what is prevalent is the formation of organic states as distinct from empire states. The organic state is one in which the people have a common language and a common culture with minor variations. Examples abound. From 1989 to date, over 25 new countries( states) have emerged from Asia, Europe and Africa.

“In 2007, the UN passed a resolution making it legal and democratic for Ethnic Nationalities to exercise their rights to self determination. Igbo nation is a major or mega Nationality and has all it takes to stand as an independent republic away from the violence, crises and perpetual uncertainties of Nigeria’s failed and artificial federation.

“The crises of the Nigerian federation can only be resolved through the proper understanding of the facts raised above. Those who fight against Igbo Self-determination struggles are archaic despots, anti-democratic forces and feudalistic oppressors who are living in the past. Sooner than later, they will come to terms with reality.”

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