IPOB Press Release

November 25,2021 

Published On The Biafra Post 

The attention of global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has been drawn to the incessant abductions of innocent Biafran youths by the Nigeria security agencies. These innocent Biafran youths are taken to the Department of State Services (DSS) dungeons and Army barracks particularly the dreaded Abattoir Barracks in Abuja where they are dehumanized and tortured in these secret cells

Currently, over 100 innocent Biafran youths are being detained incommunicado at the DSS Headquarters in Abuja. Over 400 others have been detained at the Abattoir cell since this year.

Intelligence report gathered by IPOB intelligence unit and reliable source indicate that some wicked DSS agents and army personnel are killing some of our people and selling their kidneys and other vital human organs to human organ traffickers abroad. 

These people are currently detained since February this year , arrested in Imo state and moved to (Abattoir)  IRT unit in Abuja under the command of Abba Kyria : 

Maria Ezediaro

Ngozi Umeadi 

Ifeyinwa Egole

Pastor Ebere

Mazi Okwuosha

Nnabuike Nwankwo 

Gabriel Onyedikachi 

Ogochukwu Unamba 


These people are in Abattoir with many others in the detention

IPOB is therefore, calling on all Biafrans who are looking for their brothers and sisters to go to DSS Headquarters Abuja and the notorious Abattoir Army Barracks Abuja, to check if they are still alive or dead. Seven persons have been slaughtered in the past two weeks according to intelligence report available to us.

We are also alerting the world about the atrocities going on in Nigeria against the people of Biafra. We call on the United Nations, Amnesty International, and the global community to prevail on Nigeria to send all these innocent Biafran youths languishing in various secret cells to court for trial instead of subjecting them to extra-judicial killings. 

One Mrs Onyinyechi Chiukwu and her child were abuducted around 1:00 am  from Ezza-Agu in Ishielu LGA Ebonyi State.  The wicked Nigeria security agents stormed their residence in search of the woman's husband who is a member of IPOB. The was also abuducted by the security agents and we hereby demand for their immediate  release.

Gov. Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state should come out clean and tell the world what made him to order security agents to kill any suspected IPOB member they arrested because according to him if they are not killed the court will release them. These are his people, Biafran youths the so called leaders of tomorrow whom he is supposed to protect. He should ensure the release of these people abducted from his state. 



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