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October 08, 2021

Since 2015 this very tyrant Muhammadu Buhari Fulani adminstration got into power in Nigeria, there has been series of killings in virtually all the Northern states by the Fulani herdsmen, Fulani kidnappers, Fulani bandits and Fulani terrorist groups like the Boko Haram and ISWAP being backed up by the federal government of Nigeria. The media always has been forced to censor her reportages or the said journalist would be forced to die in torture, sometimes journalists are confined in prison facilities for speaking up. What happened in Owerri few days ago is exactly what we are saying that the Nigerian government is wholly involved in this unknown gunmen saga taking shape in Biafra land so as to taint the hallowed name and image of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Just imagine that we are living in a Nigeria where security agents criminally turned themselves to the unknown gunmen, raking and causing havoc to the poor masses mental health, just imagine that these security personnel are saddled with the responsibility to protect lives and properties are they same people killing us in guise of unknown gunmen, they just killed personnel of the Nigerian Department of State Security  who is certified to be one amongst the many unknown gunmen killing innocent people within the Biafra territory. 

This is Nigeria where the Fulanis' are right and other tribes are wrong, this is Nigeria where politicians prefer making money out of diabolic politics over the lives of those who voted them into power, this is Nigeria where clergy men sing praises of the kleptomaniac political leaders and using their religious places to enslave the mind of the people with praying for your leaders and your nation. It is shameful to the body of Christ that in most churches, the poor masses are being advised by their priests and pastors to always do away with anything criticism against the oppressive government of Nigeria at the end of the day, they go to Abuja to collect their own share of money for religious indoctrination on the psych of the people.

This is Nigeria where the political class parading themselves as political leaders are turned to marauding beast sucking the blood of the innocent by not developing their people, their mental state of being, by not improving their standard way of living like people in a sane clime deriving the dividends of democracy. We are living in a Nigeria where the oppressed clap for their oppressors all because of crumbs. The Fulani federal government of Nigeria is working assiduously according to Yerima shettima's script written for the gradual annihilation of the Biafrans, Oduduwas and other indigenous nationality enthraped together in Nigeria.

We perfectly understand the game plan and what the government intend doing to enforce the state of emergency in Anambra State, they actually need to give the dog a bad name before they will kill it, the game plan is very well interpreted and stage managed, for example; the burning down of Joe Igbokwe's family house in Nnewi, the killing of Dr. Akunyili, the shooting of Khyara Adachinetugo Nwokora younger brother who the father once served the Nigerian Police Force and other blacklisted killings so as to produce enough and reasons for  declaring the state of emergency in Anambra state.

We already know that this Fulani man called Muhammadu Buhari and his demonize dispensation is biased, unworthy of our trust, an ethnic jingoist and a religious bigot. Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari and his Fulani Presidency never considered it expedient to declare the state of emergency in the whole of North East, North West and North Central of Nigeria where all manner of ill societal vices are becoming the order  of the day, this move by the Fulani Presidency of Nigeria in Anambra State is total injustice and prejudice embedded. What stops tyrant Muhammadu Buhari and his Presidency from declaring the state of emergency in the whole Northern region of the country?. 

Northern Nigeria is internationally known to be a war zone ravaged by terrorrism and bandits coupled with Fulani herdsmen menace of rendering carnage to their host. This very scene in this script may not go down well with us and whoever that may come to take us down must be killed because this move is another way of encouraging ethnic cleansings in our land. We have the right to live, to speak our minds, to decide our political views, to even demand for referendum via self determination process but the blood sucking regime has vowed to keep on killing us so as to preserve the colonial vestige called Nigeria, it is the government of Nigeria trade mark to always commit genocide in Biafra because the people have vowed not to have anything to do with Nigeria and for sole reason let's end Nigeria to save lives because all that is happening in Anambra State has political undertone.

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