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October 08 2021 

We are the global movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our able leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU. Our attention has been drawn to the laughable disgraceful statement credited to the South East governors where they said that Igbo did not want to leave Nigeria, and threatened to create an anti- agitation group in South East to checkmate IPOB. 

We therefore, wish to remind South-East governors that their disgraceful plan of creating another group to checkmate IPOB is dead on arrival. The people have lost confidence in them and just as their imaginary  Ebubeagu security outfit, no such faceless group can survive in South East.

But we want to remind South East governors and the Igbo political elite that they represent less than one percent of the Biafran population. The rest of over 99% of the people earnestly ask for Biafra, and the train has long left the station.

It is unfortunate that the south East governors are the ones contemplating to create anarchy in the region. Now we can see the real sponsors of the festering insecurity in the region. We are watching them. Now it is obvious that South-East governors in collaboration with the wicked Nigeria security agents are behind the fake groups wrecking havock across South East in their desperation to implicate IPOB. 

Instead of setting up a sincere regional security outfit like Amoteku, they created the mischievous and imaginary Ebubeagu to do the hatchet job for them. All this is in their futile efforts to demonise IPOB and ultimately scuttle the growing agitation for Biafra restoration which they consider injurious to their political />

What happened in Imo State yesterday was a confirmation of the strong suspicion all along that the selfish political elite and the security agencies are behind the current spate of insecurity in the South East. The world is still in shock of that act where Nigeria police killed nigeria DSS as unknown gunmen who is terrorizing innocent citizens and tagged him as ESN and IPOB


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