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September 05, 2021

It is good to be peaceful, accommodating and law abiding citizen, but to maintain law and order does not warrant or call for trouble in any kind. The killings in Middle Belt by Fulani herders have gone out of hand and propensity, they do not only kill for territory annexation; Fulani herders kill the Middle Beltans for fun of it. They are just like rams that can be killed anytime without questioning; the inability of Middle Beltans to reciprocate appropriately and the unneeded quietness gives the Fulani terrorist herders locust stand to turn Middle Belt states into human abattoir. Time without number, the federal government of Nigeria has always lied to the world that the strife in Middle Belt is famers/herders clash. The Presidential subtle and deceptive mannerism is uncalled for from what the world perceived it was. Fulani herdsmen kill, spillage, rampage, rape whenever it pleases them, it has become a daily routine and way of life to spill the blood of innocent non Fulani in Nigeria without any sign of being remorseful. 

Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's APC led federal government is always complicit and supportive to Fulani terrorists and herders. In order to divert world attention not to identify the real killers, the Fulani Presidency brands them bandits, without a known source or identity just bandits. The so called bandits are all Fulani terrorists in disguise which we know for sure. Middle Beltans must resist the attacks on them in self-defense as a fundamental human right, unless they wish to be obliterated from the surface of the earth. Self-defense is never a crime in any known law, not even law of nature goes against it. It is a defensive force for one's survival.

All states have self-defense laws that allow people who are threatened by a foreign or oppressive elements to use reasonable force to defend themselves or others susceptible to terror attacks on them, and to avoid tagging them criminals or liability from the use of force they might consider necessary to apply to safeguard themselves from further harm.

Furthermore, John Merriam, stated that; Self-defense based in natural law, derives its moral force from the fact that it is exercised in the face of an immediate threat, leaving no time for reflection, and forcing the defender into a terrible choice: either use force in self-defense, or lose one's life. Middle Beltans mainly their youths must wise up and defend themselves, their territories against the Fulani terrorist marauders. Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's APC led federal government of Nigeria will rather support his Fulani kinsmen to kill you more; than coming to your rescue. Sit up and arm yourselves Middle Beltans, don't wait for anybody, life is precious and it has no duplicate. No one has any right to terminate someone's life unjustly but Fulani herders are doing this human slaughter with the help of the Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria that its sole obligation should be to protect the life and property of all concerned Nigerians.

The Fulani Nigerian government has successfully monopolized the economy of the country in favour of a Fulani dynasty by presenting Alhaji Aliko Dangote as a sole merchant and most Nigerians are suffering from this economic policy because only one man controls and effect price control on the general goods and services rendered to the public at any cost of his sole proprietorship business decision. Violence should also not be allowed to be monopolize to the Fulanis' alone or else the strangulation will be worst to compare with economic hardship deliberately bestowed and disposed on none Fulanis' in Nigeria today. There are countless reasons every ethnic nationality must rise up against the existence of Nigeria indivisibility. Fulani militias was seen on a viral video warming up with firearms. Probably, Middle Belt might be their prime target before penetrating the South-East through either Ebonyi or Enugu state respectively. It is only the Southern region that has resistant force proportional to the Fulani terrorists and herders, Middle Belt is yet to sit up, in spite they recorded the highest number of slice victims of Fulani terrorists extinction objective. 

Signing anti open grazing bill into law by respective states government in Middle Belt may not stop Fulani herders from attacking the indigenous people in their various communities and villages. Instead, it will facilitate more attacks on them, because hence, tyrant Muhammadu Buhari remains in power every Fulani person is above the law, it is the orientation they were all socialized with. Nothing anybody can do about it, Fulani has Presidential backing, it is one among the reasons they won't relinquish political power to none Fulani. Signing anti open grazing bill into law is good but self-defense is better than anything else. Only self-defense will chase Fulani terrorist herders back from where they came from. To them, anti-open grazing bill is satanic, they prefer wandering life like bush animals in order to continue their usual killings of indigenous population so as to occupy their lands.

Biafra Reporters know it might be difficult for Middle Beltan youths to resolve to arming themselves but it is the only option left for them at the moment, before you get killed by strangers in your ancestral lands. The best and preferable way to succeed is to quickly form alliance with the Indigenous People of Biafra-IPOB. They are the only force the federal government of Nigeria is afraid of; when Fulani terrorist herders hear the name, they flee away. Middle Belt must identify with IPOB/ESN, if they want to remain alive. They must also fight for a separate independent sovereign nation of their own.

Middle Belt has all it takes to form their own nation, defense force is what is lacking, and once it is put in place Fulani terrorist marauders will go defensive. Fulani is attacking them ceaselessly because of the vulnerable defense mechanism perhaps, it is pertinent to apply military tactical gears. They must prove to the Fulani terrorist marauders that no one is a monopoly of violence and before you know it they will leave you alone, without it they will keep encroaching uninterrupted with mayhem. This is one thing Middle Beltans must understand, action is needed most not atonement, self-pity nor compensation. Crying and lamentations can never change anything but only self-defense does, spilling the blood of the innocent indigenous people makes Fulani herders happy, they kill for fun just like babies play with toys for fun.

Written by Kelechi Okorie, co-script by Ndubuisi Eke.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07

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