Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

September 05, 2021

The more Nigeria remains indivisible, the more terrorism will keep ravaging Africa continent, mostly West Africa sub-region. Terrorism cannot be mentioned in Africa without Fulani element being the chief culprits. Nigeria incumbent President, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, is the Commander in Chief of all Fulani terrorist groups. All the terrorist groups in Africa are under the control of Nigeria President, be it; Boko Haram, ISWAP, Fulani Bandits, Al-Qaeda, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breaded Association, Ansaru, ISIS etc. Fulani oligarchy knows exactly what they want through terrorism which made them to have chosen Nigeria as a household of terrorism.

When Nigeria borders in Southern region were shut-down during Covid19 pandemic, only borders in Northern part of Nigeria were opened for influx of armed Fulani militias on the order of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. He is aware of the radical spreading of Fulanization through terrorism that is swiping all over Africa continent from Nigeria. Some see it as Islamic expansionism while others opined that Islam is a religion of peace that should be embrace, but let me make it abundantly clear to them, Fulanization has nothing to do with religion rather;  Fulanizarion in this context is conquest and annihilation. But they use religious sentiment to deceive those gullible ones. Pretentious repentant Fulani terrorists are being giving special Presidential treatment by the Fulani Presidency of Nigeria. The same Fulani terrorists given presidential pardon were seen openly shooting sophisticated machine guns in Zamfara state, while they are being celebrated by members of the community.

Nigeria security operatives can never ever deny not watching the video nor are they unaware of their location, even the presidency knows where they are currently. Likewise, Nigeria Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami is mute because of what Fulani is doing in Nigeria now, he knows that Fulani terrorism menace is devastating, and it's sweeping all over West Africa sub-region meanwhile, Nigerian sitting President is the major sponsor, financier and stakeholder. He protects Fulani terrorists with his veto power as the head of state. It is not hidden anymore, what happened in Afghanistan will replicate itself in Nigeria. Only disintegration of Nigeria will curtail Fulani terror advancement to other Africa nations and not the deployment of US Super Tucano Aircraft to Nigeria, those armaments delivered will definitely end up in the hands of the Fulani Boko-Haram, ISWAP terrorists. US fire arms will be used against innocent masses not just only violation of human rights, indigenous Nigerians will be killed in their numbers more than ever before, mark it somewhere.

The purpose Joe Biden Democrat led government of US sent Super Tucano Aircraft to Nigeria will be diverted for Fulani conquest agenda. Indirectly, Joe Biden is diplomatically aiding Fulani terrorists’ expansionism in Africa without knowing the consequences of his actions. Any moment from now, nations around the world must be ready to evacuate Nigerian refugees as they are doing in Afghanistan, because Joe Biden Democrat led administration has succeeded in releasing US arms to terrorist groups in Nigeria. Tomorrow he will sound politically correct in Presidential press statements after the bloody error, he has given Fulani every necessary ammunition needed to ransacking vulnerable Nigerians.

US President is incompetent, after he withdrawn US troops from Afghanistan, Taliban terrorists swift in and conquered the Afghan government. Now, Joe Biden is making similar mistake in Nigeria, by violating Leahy law that prevents procurement of US arm to any nation suspected of human rights abuses like Nigeria. Whatever Fulani terrorists’ intentions  are not far from annihilation and implementation of force radical Fulanization on indigenous folks and it must be resisted by all means possible. Resistant forces must rise up against Fulani terrorism. Former US President Donald Trump, knows their plans, that was why his government insisted on Leahy's law that prohibits US arms deal with the Nigerian government.

Not even the United Nations is assisting trouble or strife nations irrespective of her primary objective to maintain international peace, security and developing friendly relations among member nations. Perhaps, recently, it has been confirmed that US foreign policy under Joe Biden's stewardship is a threat to world peace. Just like Nigeria President Gen. Muhammadu Buhari runs a terrorist ingrained Fulani system of government and a threat to Africa continent.

Everyone's life is under threat in Nigeria, not even critics are spared like writers and media houses. Soldiers that only complained about the poor firearms given to them to fight against Boko Haram terrorists in the battlefield was court martial and imprisoned and I hope that ring a bell to your thinking faculty.

It sounds ridiculous and impossible when US government said they will pin point out those sponsoring terrorism in Nigeria after having relinquished Super Tucano Aircraft to the same terrorist Nigerian government. Terrorists are not hidden in Nigeria, majority of them are Fulanis’. Some of them are in tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's kitchen cabinet while many are in security formations working as special squad for the Fulani Presidency. Whichever way, US government won't do otherwise, if since the indicted Nigeria Police Force super cop DCP Abba Kyari has not been extradited to US, to face his interrogation by the Federal Bureau for Investigation.

Fulani controlled Presidency of Nigeria will hide under the disposition that Nigeria is a sovereign nation to prevent Central Intelligent Agency-CIA, to carry out investigation on those sponsoring terrorism in Nigeria. Just because Amnesty International exposes tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's rogue regime on violation of human and daily extrajudicial killings of young innocent Nigerians, the President threatened Amnesty International that the non-governmental organization NGO, has no right to exist in Nigeria because the Fulani controlled Presidency hates exposures on their evil deeds.

Former Naval officer, Commondore Olawunmi was declared wanted by the Nigeria Defense Intelligent Agency over anti Muhammadu Buhari's interview on Channels TV, where he stressed and maintained that the Nigerian President Gen. Muhammadu Buhari refused to probe high profile politicians who Boko Haram terrorists pointed as sponsors. Both the interviewer and interviewee were summoned and threatened, on many occasions Benue state governor, Samuel Ortom was attacked by Fulani terrorists. The Fulani federal government knows all those behind it but refused to get them arrested. His, Zamfara and Benue state is Fulani killing headquarters, they want the state both by force and obliteration. Once Benue is been conquered it will pave way for Fulani armed militias to swift over to Southern region of Nigeria if resistance forces are not on a red alert to push them back from where they will come from.

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