September 17, 2021

The attention of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been drawn to the  arrest, intimidation, harrasment and incessant torture and humiliation of Biafrans living in Ghana by Ghana government and its security agencies. It's quite unfortunate that the Government of Ghana has made itself a willing accomplice to the oppressive Fulani -controlled Nigerian Government to suppress the agitation for Biafra restoration. But BIAFRA is irrepressible no matter how hard the enemies try!

We still remember the role by Ghana during the genocidal war unleashed to the good people of Biafra between 1967 and 1970. IPOB has not forgotten how Ghana refused to help the children of Biafra during that war of annihilation by Nigeria government supported by British authorities in their botched bid to annihilate Biafra from the surface of the earth.

It is shameful and unfortunate that Ghana government and her security operatives could arrest Biafrans living in their country about 107 people in their monthly meeting, detained and deported 25 people of them to Nigeria and others were no where to found. Our family in Ghana were still looking for whereabouts of them, we are telling good people of Ghana to look for our people living in Ghana and produce them to Biafrans government or they ready for the consequences.  We are looking out for eighty-two [82], citizens of Biafra in Ghana. The Ghana Police also arrested a two year old child, a citizen of Biafra and detained her incommunicado for two weeks in Ghana prison yards without taking the child and the rest of them to court. 

Recently the Ghanaian government led by Nana Dankwa Akufua Ado and his security agencies has renewed their hatred on the people of Biafra for reasons best known to him. Since 2019 till date the Ghanaian government and her partners in crime have been clamping down on Biafra businesses in Ghana. This is sheer wickedness. As if that is not enough, they have again arrested all IPOB members who were in their monthly meeting in a church and wickedly detained them for fourteen [14], - days without communication or access to their beloved ones. Ghana under Nana Ado has decided to be harsh to innocent Biafrans because they want to impress the Nigeria government for their selfish interests.

It is shameful for the Ghanaian government and her security operatives to be arresting innocent IPOB members thinking that their support to Fulani government of Nigeria would save them when Biafra comes. Ghana must understand that Biafra restoration is a divine mandate which no mortal can stop. It is unfortunate and disheartening that fellow indigenous are conniving with the migrant Fulanis' to annihilate their brothers. Ghana under Nana Ado is embarking on a dangerous mission. Ghanians should stop him from dragging them into unnecessary enmity with their brothers from Biafra land.

Biafrans at home and in the diaspora must keep this in minds that Ghana government and her security agencies did not released innocent IPOB members legitimately living in Ghana but instead they deported and handed IPOB members over to the Nigeria government and her security operatives in Nigeria, let it be on record because Ghana must regret and pay for her sins at the appropriate time so far as we live. 

We have come to realize that Ghana and Kenya have decided to make themselves  enemy of Biafra just to please the oppressive Nigeria Government for their selfish gains.

Ghana security agencies humiliated innocent IPOB members because they feel Nigeria can help them. We call on Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), to help ask Ghanaian government under the leadership control of Akufu Nana Dankwa Ado why his government humiliating and intimidating fellow ECOWAS citizens in Ghana. 

It is on record even today that the Ghanaian government led by Lt. Gen. J.A Ankrah mediated the peace deal held between our eternal leader, Late Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and former Head of State, Yakubu Gowon in Aburi Ghana, but to our greatest surprise Ghana has now turn around supporting Nigeria against Biafra.

We are calling on Ghanians and friends of Ghana President to inform him that he should stop collaborating with the Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria to oppress Biafrans. We are keeping records. Nana Ado should not be allowed to make Ghana perpetual enemies of Biafra because of his selfish interest in Nigeria.


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