Written By Emeka Mekus | Family Writers International Press | September 16, 2021

Published On The Biafra Post.

As the infiltration of tribes nor ethnic groups has continued to rise in Nigeria on daily basis through the migratory people from Sahel, Mali, Niger, Chad etc, with their cows and causing terror in the Middle Belt, Oduduwa and Biafra land, there is a great need for the people to ask; do we have a responsible and a responsive government to the plight of indigenous Nigerian people?. What is the way forward?. Here are some words to be noted. 

*And Biafra is the only hope for freedom as one of our singer said... Biafra is the only hope for Africa.... 

The infiltrators must note that the Biafrans of today are never the Biafrans of 1967 to 1970, as they may mistakenly think. Those who thinks that they can beat Biafrans now must be very very careful. The Biafrans of today are seven steps ahead of the  British created Nigeria, and note it somewhere it is only Biafrans that will liberate all the tribes caged in the expired union called Nigeria, and no other tribe or ethnic nationality can challenge the Fulani conquistadors. There are a lot of infiltrations into tribes and ethnic groups going on very fast in Nigeria of today. Many borders in the Northern Nigeria are open and free from law backed immigration border crossing scrutiny. The janjaweeds from the Sahel and the Fulanis' all over African are entering into Nigeria in full force with their cows and RUGA tricks. Those who refused to see and handle this dangerous situation are at the danger of being swallowed by these waves of infiltrations and must surly loose their heritage if there are no emergency rescue mission enshrined. Don't forget, that the borders in the Southern states are permanently closed with law back immigration officers stationed at all corners with customs. 

Some of the negative impacts of this infiltrations caused by the Fulani are, elections are well affected, distortion of facts and figure in population census count, unwarranted grabbing of people's lands to assert themselves which has warranted ethnic genocides in recent time and which has seriously displaced many communities, and many are living in refugee camps inside their Nigeria without Nigeria at war or fighting any define war of whatsoever going on except the war brought upon Nigerians by Fulani herdsmen, Fulani bandits, Boko Haram and ISWAP, kidnapping of school children and, other forms of kidnappings, surpringsly the Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria is working assiduously to manipulate the land use act just to favour and accommodate these migratory marauders.

In Nigeria, evil happens everyday and nothing happens, terrorists are baptized with bandits, and nothing happens. Known terrorists are christened repentant Boko Haram are given amnesty, they are paid large sums of money

and incorporated into the Nigeria forces and nothing happens. 

Fulani herdsmen carry AK-47 visibly open, they rape and kill at random and nothing will happen, they go scot free while Biafran youths are massacred on daily because they are possession of Biafran Flag or other insignia and nothing as well happen because Fulani are scared. Kidnapping goes on daily basis but no single person has been brought to justice and nothing happens. The press are gaged and they have foolishly refused to write about this menace ravaging our society because the Presidency are Fulani, reason of not writing about the ugly trends taking shape in Nigeria are best known to them because they know that the world will see the truth from that prism. Biafra land are filled with police and military check points, these are repentant Boko Haram members and janjaweeds integrated into the security architecture of Nigeria, these janjaweeds from the Sahel in the Nigerian Military and Police force are deployed on daily basis to the Eastern region of the defunct Nigeria to be extorting money from the road commuters which result to economic mess to business activities in the Eastern region. 

But the most annoying of it all is,  the ignorance of the Elders of tribes who are supposedly should help to secure or protect their people, land, culture and traditions has unexpectedly turned around to help the invaders on their conquest mission such as Hope Uzodimma, Nnia Nwodo, and other saboteurs in Biafra land are doing to please their Fulani slave masters. Many has kept mute and quiet, they sacrifice their youths to the invading terrorists in order to be  their most loved slave. Hope Uzodimma is doing a very beautiful work at his home town of Orlu in Imo State to make space for the Fulanis to take over Orlu for RUGA settlements. Hope Uzodimma has taken an oath and in a very desperate mood to hand over Orlu people to the Fulanis from the Sahel. Hope Uzodimma has engaged himself in the bombardments of Orlu since his tenure with the Nigerian infiltrated Boko Haram and Sahel Soldiers. 

Since Hope Uzodimma came into power as the supreme court governor of Imo State he has bombed many villages in Orlu imo state, and nothing happens. We are putting this information down for record purposes.

Hope Uzodimma since his tenure has been so desperate to hand over Orlu zone to the Fulani and Sahel invaders. Imo State has lost the greatest number of youths through the carelessness of one man called Hope Uzodimma, and never will he succeed in his move to give out Imo State to foreigners all because of political power, we will not allow that to happen. Gobe Kingdom - the Hausas as a people totally lost their heritage to the Fulani infiltrators, everything the Hausas owned as landmark achievement are gone forever, only the language remains. Kaduna, Plateau and Zamfara are sinking to the hands of the Fulani invaders, and nothing is happening to save the people. Since over two hundred years these Fulani infiltrators has never stopped in their quest to take over Biafra land that inhabits Igbos, and their relations. The Biafrans has all these years refused to hands up. The problem we are seeing now are, as the infiltrators continues on their attempts to come in, the elders are not taking good note of the Hausa's experience and this has continued to cause hardship to the defending youths who fully understand the activities of the invading enemies. As all these things are going on, the people who have third eye continue to wonder why elders in the land has turned against their youths in their activities to defend their land from the invading Fulani race. Igbo elders and saboteurs has in the recent time contributed so much to an immense loss of lives of their youths in the struggle to  protect  their space from the criminal invaders. 

We have seen mass burials going on in many tribes and parts of Nigeria and we have also seen that the elders or people who are suppose to address this killings have remained mute and unmoved. This is very disheartening to the conscience of humanity, and still nothing happens. Furthermore, the columnist is reminding people to take note of the current infiltration going on in Nigeria, let them stand up and defend their land because if you close your eyes or say, it doesn't concern you, note it that you will loose your natural place of birth on this earth to the Fulanis'. Nigerian Security forces are infiltrated with Boko Haram terrorists, jihadists and bandits. They collude in the killings that goes on everyday in that concocted country. Biafrans must stand up, must be strong, must not fear the enemies, must fight on and must defend Biafra, the land gifted to us by Chukwu Okike Abiama. This territory was given to us by Chukwu Okike Abiama and only him we worship. We must defend our land or all of us will perish. We must put hands together to chase these infiltrators away from our land and abode. Even if its one person that remains, let it be but never ever to stay and watch while our heritage are taken away from us by installed stooges and puppets in corridors of power. 

The columnist wants to remind us here to know that we have loss so many of our youths from the hands of the saboteurs. The governos has killed so many of the youths that they could not support with a daily job opportunities, many innocent youths are trapped in many prisons and detention centres across Biafra land and Nigeria at large. Our clergies, traditional rulers and custodians of traditions and natural law, our representatives from Biafra land in Senate, and House of Assembly etc, do not care for us but rather they connive with the Fulanis' to kill their people. Biafran, do not sleep, stand and defend your land from anywhere you are. 




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