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September 10, 2021

Before Sarkin of Imo state Hope Uzodimma, was installed as a Fulani administrator, the state was known as one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria. Every weekend people come from far and near to the Imo state capital, Owerri, for leisure. Owerri was a freedom chosen enjoyable activity center in Eastern region, very serene and peaceful. Until a power drunk desperate Fulani stooge who came fourth in an election was made the Fulani administrator through Fulani Supreme Court judicial miscarriage of justice and technicality turned the state to war zone. Strong Boko Haram hideout, Sambisa forest is peaceful to compare with Imo state. As dementia the Sarkin made Fulani administrator of Imo state is, he started the endless war from his kindred, his local government. To him bringing war to his people is charity begins at home. 

He has killed and continue killing innocent souls mainly Imo youths to his satisfaction as social amenities and dividend of democracy he brought to the good people of imo state. For the first time in history, aftermath of the many bloodbaths; Imo state Federal Medical Center, mortuary battles to contain excess corpses, it is also viewed that thirty five [35], in number unidentified corpses were also later being dumped by the Nigerian government combined security forces. So far as Fulani controlled Presidency is concern Mr. Hope Uzodimma is getting it right for killing his own people, the purpose he was installed by his Fulani political associates is perfectly coming to reality, and the pseudo Nigerian President is very much happy for his achievements so far in Imo state. Mr. Hope Uzodimma is overwhelmed with joy in his heart for ascending to power through crook and tricks mean while, Imolites are in pain and agony for having a Fulani Sarkin, a political criminal and a murderer as a governor. 

Whosoever, masquerading as President Muhammadu Buhari was said to be on his way to Abuja after a brief visit to Imo State, after commissioning Dick Tiger Street Gutter in Owerri, in disguise while in reality he came and commissioned the innocent Igbo youths he ordered for their death. The purpose the Nigerian impostor visited Owerri, was intentionally made open when he promised Hope Uzodimma that he will help him fight against insecurity in his state. The same masquerade promising to fight against insecurity in Imo state, has not fight the same insecurity in his state and backyard. The principles that guide reasoning within a given field or situation ought to tells every right thinking being the rationale behind a head of state with heavy security breezes in and briefly breezed out in a region or state within the state believe to be his suppose allegedly country without relaxing for a second shows humanity that he is afraid after meeting ghost towns where people deserted the streets with pleasure to register their displeasure with the rogue regime. For the first time a President on tour with no crowd to cheer him up only but rented hungry few individuals.

Maybe, those with or without knowledge of what it means in a civilized world that a President comes to a region as a head of state without crowd. Presidency knows it is an international disgrace but many myopic Nigerians won’t understand the meaning. Head of state without the masses support shows that the person or individual has been rejected irrespective of the rented hungry few individuals imported from the north, were helplessly spotted cheering the masquerade up on his arrival whereas, millions of Biafrans sat at home in protest against his coming which simply means he is not welcome in Biafra land. History was made on September 09, 2021. The Nigerian pseudo President was used in setting up a century record as the first President in history on a tour or visit in his country but was greeted with ghost towns. At least, by now he has confirmed that Biafrans have rejected him and Nigeria absolutely.

Though, compromised media houses like Daily Post helped the government to counter the sit at order from the governing body of Indigenous people of Biafra-DOS, in order to deceive gullible Biafrans but IPOB later debunked the fake news. Unfortunately for them, record was put straight that the sit at home remains intact. The Nigerian government went as far as belittling themselves by faking DOS memo at least to make it look official that the order was suspended from the leadership of IPOB-DOS but all the fake doctored reports came from Hope Uzodimma's media handlers because IPOB media gurus did a thorough and proper investigation to unmasked the governor's fakeness. The only thing Hope Uzodimma needed was just to see people walking around the capital city even if they did not attend the event but disappointedly he could not even see an ant on the streets of Owerri. 

What happened in Imo state, was like after a celebrant cooks delicious food for the guests during he or her occasion but see nobody to eat the food. If not for any other thing, the Sarkin of Imo state was paid with his own side of the coin and all Biafran selfish politicians deserves the same treatment cum reward starting with Anambra state election.  Doppelganger Muhammadu Buhari’s visitation to Imo state, was very tragic to him, he never believed what he saw. Despite the fact that the Nigerian politicians are shameless but the impostor was ashamed of himself, which was why he hastily left within a twinkle of an eye on his said visitation to Imo state. 

Every trick applied by the government to deceive gullible ones was apprehended, BBC Igbo was bought over, they posted the #EndSARS photos as crowd welcoming Buhari on his arrival, but it was exposed and as usual it was debunked, and later on the ever bias BBC Igbo apologized. Why it is necessary for the analysis is for Nigerians to understand how the government they entrusted on has been dribbling their brain before the Indigenous People of Biafra came to the timeline to expose all their deceptions that emanated from the gutter brown envelope media.

It does not matter how many innocent souls the Sarkin of Imo state have killed, it won’t make him to be politically relevant in Imo state and elsewhere because he is a certified thief, and Fulani oligarchy will only use him like other Igbo politicians and later dump him. The same Fulani cabals Hope Uzodimma is serving will kill him when the time comes after they must have use him against his own people. The major problem most African politicians have is power intoxication, it controls their brain neither to think nor recollect similar past scenario or event. Ken Saro Wiwa was perfectly being used against his own Igbo flesh and blood during the Biafra war, by his darling Fulani friends. He was astonished when he discovered that his darling Fulani friend Gen. Sani Abacha, who he dines and wines with was the person behind his execution. If time is not taken the same thing shall replicate itself in the life of Hope Uzodimma, after using him; the Fulani cabals will find him irreverent and unworthy to work with him hence his sentencing and execution.

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