Written by Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

August 23, 2021

Nigeria lacks common value system, the three major ethnic nationalities or regions have nothing in common and neither mindset nor mode of dressing is Not even ordinary food binds Nigeria together. Her force unity in diversity is the same as forcing USA and Afghanistan to live together as one indivisible entity. No nation in the world succeeds with divergent value system and Nigeria is not farfetched from that view point. Spontaneously, her political elites have common looting lifestyle. Over the decade, all the political elites in Nigeria have one thing in common; it's mostly synonym to looting of public funds to their own personal pockets and that of their family members. 

They syphoned public funds without remorse, whenever Nigerian politicians converged, one thing that portraits the unify gathering is the embezzlement of public funds. They heartlessly loot public funds mapped out for capital projects to the fullest without consideration. Nigeria as a contraption is very poor, but her political leaders are provocatively rich beyond the country itself. Every politician in Nigeria is wealthy enough down to ordinary councilor. A person who can't feed its family three square meal a day, once he or she joins partisan politics millions of dollars becomes nothing. Boisterous lavishness is a norm to them, to get money is not their problem but how to spend it.

What or how masses feel is never their concern, poverty walks with two giant legs both in Biafra land and the entire Nigeria settings. Reason been that political elites had sucked the nation's treasury dry not to have embellishment anymore. Few days ago, it was reported that #4.973 trillion was missing from the Federation Account according to the auditor general of the Federation. Who knows maybe, one kleptomaniac python inside Muhammadu Buhari's palace had swallowed the money for Yusuf Buhari’s jamboree wedding. This is how political elites usually inform their fellow countrymen whenever there is misappropriation of public funds meant for capital projects. Nigerians are not only taken for granted by their leaders, they are more or less Trojan donkeys carrying its masters at the back. Nigeria politics is for the enrichment of the political Juggernauts and the total starvation of the masses. 

Politics of who gets what, when and how; is a game of do or die affair with no moderate representation or template. Youths are said to be leaders of tomorrow are electorates for gerontic kleptomaniacs to keep ruling over them. It had gone out of hand, old mediocre have succeeded and formed a dynasty by recirculating themselves in power to the extent that votes don't count anymore. The power of the electorates to determine who rules them has been taken away. Right to vote and be voted for has been denied, political leaders are not voted in through Electoral College but rig into power by godfathers from Fulani extraction. Despite the shenanigan, gullible Nigerian youths are very daft to hold their representatives accountable. Other nations that encountered similar corrupt leaders in public office revolted against the government and the status quo was drastically changed for good but in the case of Nigeria, youths being downtrodden are mentally defiance to adequately demand for their right from the oppressive government.      

It was reported that Former Governor of Abia state and current senator representing Abia Central at the Upper House was arrested by the Economic Financial Crime Commission - EFCC, at the International Airport Abuja, and later got released. The arrested senator was alleged to have diverted #500Million monthly security vote for eight years in office as then governor of Abia State, with other charges worth of millions of money laundered. Imaging what security vote worth of #500 million monthly in eight years in office can afford to a state was looted and nothing happens. Abia state as a case study, has high rate of abandoned projects and dilapidated infrastructure, nobody needs to be told that funds made for capital projects had been embezzled. These bunch of criminals parading themselves as leaders are all thieves but the masses are doing nothing about it to salvage their situation. They are the same set of people that propagated the falsehood that the IPOB Sit At Home Mondays exercise pressing for the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who was kidnapped in Kenya and rendition to Nigeria illegally is not the remedy but Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's extraordinary rendition is to be solved politically when we all know that all the Biafra politicians in Nigeria have canvassed for the continuation of Nigeria’s indivisibility. 

Nigeria political elites deserved to be nailed, perceivably jungle justice. Nigeria is a place where corrupt elites have field day without being brought to book. They are all aware in Biafra they won’t have such privilege, so therefore, it is impossible for supporting the disintegration of Nigeria. Calling for Biafra emancipation is equivalent as forcefully taking away meal from their mouths. Nigeria is their pot of soup, when they maintained that Nigeria unity is a task that must be done, their personal interest is a priority not for the masses. All of them have stolen the people's future away yet, they are parading themselves as leaders. It is only in Nigeria such nonsense can keep happening and nothing drastic is not been done about it. Imagine few people from the ruling class stealing the masses' future away perhaps, everyone is hoping things to get better soon, how is it possible?. Everything that will make life favorable, better has been submerged and stolen by the ruling class, how is it going to be better?. Something must be wrong with the brain of timid and crude Nigerians, for lack of logical reasoning.

Every Nigerian political leader deserves to be stone to death because they are stealing the masses to death. 2023 Election is around the corner, suddenly one of them now remembered Nigeria's unity is negotiable just to deceive primordial Nigerians to dance in their tone perhaps immediately they get into power you see them playing usual political tricks. Some idiots will support their preferable candidates for the continuation of another slavery and looting for eight years in office. A month is set aside in Nigeria for the poor electorates' renewal of their four years enslavement for political looting by politicians. Ala adighi mma bu uru ndi nze, politicians in Nigeria will keep enjoying electorates stupidity in every election period until they realized that they are been hold hostage. Any person expecting the Biafran politicians to support the emergence of Biafra restoration must be a joker because what they are gaining illegally from Nigeria is more important to them than Biafra emancipation.

They hold Biafrans hostage, on the other way round, Biafran politicians should be held hostage as well, by halting every election campaign. They don't want Biafra to come and Biafrans must stop further election in Biafra land starting from Anambra State election. Some people might be pondering the possibility of halting Anambra election, it is 100% possible. Election boycott is not the answer, hence, they can still rig in someone but once INEC's timetable is made unbearable, the election timetable will be in jeopardy. The election date will be suspended indefinitely, this is how the masses hold their corrupt leaders accountable until their demands are met. Election date shouldn't be allowed to be fixed in a first place. Once the election date is fix and one person is allowed to cast a vote, they will inflate the figure and declare another looting machine a winner like former Abia state governor Theodore Orji.

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