Written By Nwawube Ezeobi

August 24, 2021.

To some it is an ironic assertion to say that freedom is not free. While many are confounded and are in confusion on why freedom is not free, it became apparently obvious that the price for freedom is most times breath taking and instructively gravely.

For years, IPOB have explored different tactics in the struggle to free the suffering BIAFRAN populace from the hands of the jihadist and Islamic Nigerian state.

In the cause of this ultimate struggle, thousands have lost their lives, many are irredeemably injured, secret cells erected across Nigeria to contain a large number of this liberation fighters as conventional cells are all filled up with majority of innocent freedom agitators.

In many cases, as they march in the streets to make democratic demands, they are met with tortuosity, mowed down like valueless trees and treated to say the less, like common criminals. Speculations, prophecies have many times failed detracting elements who had believed that within few days, months or years of the rebellion against liberation front as IPOB, would see the struggle abandoned, instead the movement keep re-strategizing and attracting local and international solidarity.

After the extraordinary rendition of IPOB's  leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya, the world got to experience a new dimension in a freedom fighting struggle which has never happened in the history of self determination movement. A situation where the people who hitherto obeyed a sit at home order on the most important economic day in the region, turned to the suspension of same as their demands were not yet made.

The willingness of the populace to pay such insurmountable price for the freedom of the liberation from the dungeon of the state criminal department is a direct message to not just the Fulani oligarchy in Nigeria but the entirety of humanity. The price for freedom is the most sensitive part of the struggle.

Brevity, commitment, alutarism, mental readiness, resoluteness and formidability are at the core values of the price to be freed.

The question every freedom fighter answers is not about the possibility of coming out alive but the possiblity of advancing the course for freedom even at the expense of his life.

The essence of my message and elaboration on the price for freedom is to notify the federal evil government to know if our people can be reluctant to return to their shops on Mondays, then we can be more dangerous than any front ever existed on planet earth.

Biafrans and lovers of freedom should as a matter of principle remember also that our struggle for liberation is patterned and on no account shall we allow any misinformation have the better part of the struggle.

We stand on the suspension of the civil disobedience practice as we wait to take further directives from the leadership because this battle is a fight we must fight to finish.

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

God bless Biafra

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