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August 08,2021

This thesis is specifically for sabo nti ike in Biafra land. Already Biafra ghost Monday has sunk to the consciousness of every well meaning Biafrans, Only those that collected five thousand naira from Abia state governor, Okezie Ikeazu and those in Anambra will try their luck to defy the order from Indigenous People of Biafra highest command - DOS. To detect them is very simple, they speak from both sides of their mouth without tangible point. None of them has self conviction why the ghost town shouldn't be held. When you hear them talking they run from pillars to post with nothing reasonable to hold on. Their concern is that small change behind their pocket that can't afford a day meal for their family. Whatever anybody does to talk sense into them is like pouring water on the dog bird. Mostly, they usually prove stubborn out of their stupidity, at the end they cry had I known.

Be that it may, after taken the token from the government it's better to rest at home on the day set aside for ghost day unless you want to use the stipend received from government recipients to be use to buy gasket to bury you.  Why it's necessary to adhere to order, the same government deceiving people to go about their lawful businesses will be the same people that will send security operatives to attack innocent masses on that day and blame it on IPOB's security wing E.S.N.

Willie Obiano of Anambra state may not react with force like other Igbo governors because his tenure is elapsing in few months to come. But both Abia and Rivers will become another slaughtering ground like Imo. Is better everything is made clear before the time, at least, no one will pretend ignorant of the impending physical assault against the people.

Don't be surprise when it happens, is either government brand victims hoodlums or unknown gunmen. Nobody can deny this cowardly security routine strategy, already they have standby compromised media houses that will spread the news to the general public in their favor.

The news probably may go this way; unknown gunmen clashed with security operatives in the state, five of them gun down. Whereas, the victims were the same people deceived by government to go about their normal businesses. I repeat they will kill you and tag you unknown gunmen or hoodlums. Don't be a scapegoat, stubborn grasshopper always ends in hot fried pan. It's important Biafrans are been enlightened on strategy to be use by Fulani warrant chiefs parading as Igbo political leaders in our midst.

Morgues in both Imo and Abia Federal Medical Centers' are filled up with corpses of innocent Igbo youths shot dead by Nigerian security operatives who were tagged hoodlums. Some of them died as a result of  ignorant while some were gun down due to nonchalant exhibition. Precaution measures needed to be protectively a major priority this time around most Nigerian soldiers Deployed to Eastern region are mainly so called  repentant Fulani terrorists.

Simple analogy shows how desperate government is to ridicule the ghost day order, they don't mind killing everyone on sight and  blame it on IPOB. And, so far as IPOB as a emancipation movement has resolved on a particular decision Nigerian government will do everything humanly possible to scuttle it, no matter what.

It's pertinent every Biafran takes this into consideration before listening to government that wants them dead in exchange of higher political position. Mind you; not even the so called government will come out on ghost town day. All of them will hide somewhere and send gullible ones to go and die in vain. Anybody shot dead on ghost town day dies for nothing. Their desperation to taste their macho will cost lives mainly innocent masses that refuse to listen the voice of reasoning, only common sense can bypass the trap. If everyone can endured months of COVID-19 lockdown without any aid from the government, sacrificing every Monday in a week for freedom and unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is worth deserved to.

For sure, agents of darkness like Ohaneze Ndigbo and government recipients' are going about convincing people to see economic hardship as reason behind the ghost Monday will cause in the life of masses. That is not true, their argument is absolutely bunko, government is afraid of the masses taken charge or influencing government policy.

Power of the government rely on the masses not on few political office holders. This point is their major fear. Government itself knew they have failed the masses, they rather compel masses to act in their demand than allowing IPOB, to take charge of daily policy making.

It's better to seat back every Monday in a week than to fall for government traps. They perceived the outcome of the exercise will have severe consequence on the side of government more than anyone can emerging, that is the reason government is working around the clock to see the exercise won't work.

Free COVID-19 relief materials international bodies gave affected nations to ease peoples' burden during pandemic period were hijacked by the government for personal interest thus, masses endured it in good faith. Suddenly the same greedy individuals that stole COVID-19 palliatives are telling Biafrans how economic lockdown a day sacrifice for freedom will cause hardship to you to  the extent they shared only  five thousand naira to discourage the same people under subjugation to decline observing ghost town day order. My good people of Biafra think twice and ignore these bunches of neocolonialist agents parading as leaders, they're the worst of its kind that deserve nothing but to payback with their own coin of trechery against own people.

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