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May 27, 2021

If there are a set of people to deal with, Biafran politicians ought to be on top of the list. They are the architects of Biafra misfortunes. They consist of sizable numbers of Fulani stooges, exceptional of Senator representing Aba South and North constituency, Distinguish Honorable Senator Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe, who at all times stood firmly behind those he represents at the federal level, others are carts with buggy whip controlled by the Fulani their political godfathers as chief drivers. 

Barely, can you see a Biafran politician without pin-pointing out a Fulani godfather[s] as a driving force behind teleguiding his every moves in political and cultural arena. Fulani does not only detect political scenes in Biafra land they went far as to determine who becomes the President General of Biafran social groups like Ohaneze Ndigbo, Pan Niger Delta Forum PANDEF etc. If there is appropriate word to be used to equate Biafrans political timidity in the hands of Fulani; they are suffering from Hausa syndrome. The first day Fulani was allowed to control Biafra social cultural groups was the day Biafra lost her heritage courtesy of politics of disbursement of crumbs from the house masters to the field slaves. 

Religion is not left out; as all cultural groups and kings respectively, in Biafra land are answerable to the Sultan of Sokoto so shall religious leaders bow before him making Nigeria a practical Islamic State or Islamic theocratic system where Sultan Of Sokoto remains the religious head of the Nigeria state. That was why Islam was uncountably mentioned in the Nigeria 1999 constitution, a supposedly secular state without single Christianity been acknowledged. All these lopsided intake was as a result of Biafran bugger politicians, whose Fulani phlegmatic disposition as godfathers do have canal knowledge of them before they can be nominated for any political position in any political cycle. 

Why apportion blames in other sectors when vibrant Biafran youths can do the needful to our arch enemies. Biafran politicians should be taught a very big lesson of their lives that will be recorded in the annals of history, what happened to former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremmadu in Germany, during New Yam Festival invitation in Germany must be allowed to replicate itself in Biafra land if the Biafran youths grievances must be taken seriously. Due to ineptitude exhibition by Biafran politicians, peoples mandate can be stolen in a broad day light, yet they brag, making election irrelevant.

The Fulani oligarchy from core North detects who rules in any state of concern in Biafra land, for that reason the preferable Fulani stooge imposed candidate becomes answerable to their Fulani godfathers other than the masses in his state. 

Had Fulani administrator of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma, had peoples mandate the calamity befalling the state won’t be there. Hence, one cannot eat his cake and have it back. To make the matter worst security personnel both police and army are giving him protection, to the extent he can shamelessly attend church with over four hundred [400] armed personnel as security who were spotted molesting innocent citizens of the state that are going about their business. 

Of a truth which military barracks in Nigeria, can be said to have up to four hundred [400] soldiers?. Those soldiers were invited by Fulani imposed governor of Imo State, - Mr. Hope Uzodimma, and he pays those terrorist soldiers with state funds that is statutorily meant for the state development. Inspite of this bare face shamefacedly act of misrule in a democratic setting an idiot will still defend the criminal parading himself as governor with security protecting him. What a shame! 

Unless these politicians mainly from Igbo extraction have their own share of the heat coming from the political furnace they themselves created they won’t believe things are happening. If the heads of Biafran politicians can be added to complete the two thousand [2000] needed skulls for the burial of Imo State Command of Eastern Security Network, Commander, Ikonso, so be it. That is only when Biafran politicians will know the seriousness of the impending bloody revolution in the mill. Since the unknown gunmen start to descend on the Nigerian policemen and its facilities crime rate has reduced drastically in both South East and South South of the country. The people that are meant to protect lives and properties are the same crime committers themselves. Is it not surprising that the masses are living peacefully with the unknown gunmen than the security personnel because never for once there was a report that unknown gunmen attack innocent people or rob anyone of their belongings. 

Though, it is not ideal to attack security functionality, but on the other way round; Nigeria security sowed whirl in turn reaps whirlwind. The Nigeria security personnel are only receiving their own fair of the coin that they have been paying the masses with all this while because they think they have AK-47. Amidst of stealing of public funds by politicians; police and military keep giving them protection and devour the masses that they are suppose to be on their side. 

The Inspector General Of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, was on the pages of newspapers reportedly to have said, that all the police me  attached to the kleptomaniac politicians in the  South East and Rivers State be withdrawn. 

At least that order from the Inspector General of Police could have make the Biafran kleptomaniac Politicians vulnerable to face the real anger of the masses when seen outside. By now there would have been countless series of competitive general beating of politicians in Biafra land more especially those of them from Igbo extraction to teach others lessons that they won't forget in a hurry until the end of time.


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