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May 20, 2021

The only begotten territory relinquished to the Fulanis' by the British colonial imperialists and neo-colonialists is Nigeria, Fulanis' are known to be migratory nomads from Sene-Gambia and not indigenous people or ethnic groups that build up Nigeria as they would want us to believe, Fulanis' became part of the Northern Nigeria Mohammedian Emirate in 1804 after  conquering the Hausa Gobir Kingdom perior to that, with Fulani level of exposure in the affairs of nation building so far in today's Nigeria one ought to know that they are perfectly pictured in a retrogressive state of reasoning and advancement without superior reasoning.

It is only in the southern part of Nigeria that comprises Biafra hemisphere that peace can be said to be restored with AK-47 by members of the Nigerian security armed forces. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s first security meeting with newly appointed service Chiefs to constrain insecurity in the South East and South South of the Nigeria enclave without any single Southerner representative in attendance was another means of planned genocidal attacks in the South East and South South of the country. Those Igbo oteluctuals that fed on crumbs from their Fulani masters table won’t see anything wrong with the  genocidal indoor security meeting where Gen. Muhammadu Buhari arrogantly made it clear that he won’t accept further escalation of insecurity in the Southern region of Nigeria during the meeting with the newly service Chiefs. 

Many Nigerians more especially those of them from Igbo extraction are blind and timid to speak up, by reminding Gen. Muhammadu Buhari that his state Kastina is under the control of Fulani terrorists and banditry without the application of lethal force on them. Perhaps, it doesn’t matter how truth is been hidden and turned upside down, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari can’t fight insecurity because insecurity brought him to power. Logically, it’s to fight against what made him what he is today because his dreaded boys has over grown fangs; Gen. Muhammadu Buhari having failed in his constitutional duty to protect the lives and property's of the Nigerian citizens in the North of Nigeria cowardly choose to divert attention by deploying armed terrorists in police and military uniforms to Southern Nigeria to make the region unsecured for habitation.

In actual fact, if there is any specific region in Nigeria today that deserves security measures to curb the menace of terrorrism and banditry it should be Gen. Muhammadu Buhari's Northern Nigeria's confinement, just few years of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari assumption into office, different terrorists groups surged. Gen. Mohammadu Buhari being a terrorist sympathizer prefers deploying his own armed Jihadists down to Southern part of Nigeria in guise of fighting insecurity while their main motive is to fight against IPOB members and its security wing Eastern Security Network (ESN), the same people evicting Fulani terrorist herdsmen out of their hidden settlements inside the forests where they plan and carry out all the terrorist  attacks against the indigenous population.

An average Biafran youth is seen as a member of Eastern Security Network whether the person is a family member of Indigenous People of Biafra or not. Most merchants of deaths in Police and Military uniforms are exotic external faces, recruited terrorists from the neighboring countries, their assignments are more or less to spillage as Fulani hegemony is running out of time for their 2022 Fulanization and Islamization agenda of Southern Nigeria. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, during one of his recent broadcasts on Radio Biafra platform, accused Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s APC led Presidency of having sent their hardened police operatives to Somalia to recruit Al-Shabab group members, a well known terrorist group to help them fight this jihad war of total Islamization domination of the South of Nigeria. 

Till this very moment, the Nigerian government hasn’t come out openly to debunk nor refute the accusation levelled against them by the IPOB leader. The exposition by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu further claimed, Nigeria diplomats were in Shanghai China for purchasing of weapons that will be used in decimating his Biafran people for demanding for a referendum. Nigeria is one amongst the West Africa countries that romance terrorists but maim, kill, and imprisoned peaceful agitators at will but feel very comfortable to sleep in one bed with terrorists. Nigeria is the only country that negotiates with Fulani terrorists and bandits, the Nigerian government feel very relaxed to  pay ransom to terrorists and bandits because they are from a particular ethnic group in the core North, it's mind boggling that in turn the same Nigerian government reintegrate hardened deadly killers back to the society with security appointments to legally continue killing indigenous people with government backup.

However, Igbo politicians‘ complicity to stand for their various constituencies was the sole reason for the Fulani terrorist herdsmen invasion of Biafra territory and subsequently land grabbing and illegal settlements establishment to assert themselves as indigenous land owners is unacceptable by the Indigenous People of Biafra and IPOB is not changing stand to vacate this criminal elements from our geographical space. The South East and South South politicians lousy and unarticulated representation of the South region of Nigeria could be said to be the connection with imposition of stooges and puppets by their Fulani political god fathers from the Northern Nigeria political dynasty. 

A little child from Imo State, once questioned his parents the rationale behind someone with fourth position in Imo state governorship election that happened to emerged as the governor of the state; such electoral manipulation and judiciary fraud will make our upbringing children to perceive electoral manipulation process as a way of life when they grow. Igbo political forceful installation didn’t only make Igbo politicians irrelevant and handicapped in a political scene, it makes them also live like a blind bat without base. Ohaneze Ndigbo is not exceptional as willing tools, that is why Imo state can be burnt to ashes without ordinary press statement from the supposed allegedly Igbo apex social cultural group, they see all the atrocities and look the other way round because they are a creation of the feudal North imposed on their people with no mandate by their people.

Unlike Igbo leaders, Northern leaders have the interest of their people at heart even when the terrorists shouldn’t be spare yet, none of the Northern leaders like seeing the blood of their people being spilled. Instead of Igbo leaders to follow the same trend they rather sacrifice their own to be killed so as to remain relevant within the Nigeria political cycle. Incessant and unjust  killings of Biafran youths and burning of houses of suspected IPOB members in Ebony and Imo state respectively by Nigeria combined security armed forces ought to be stopped by Igbo leaders but due to their insubordinate roles against their own people they won’t rise up nor speak up.

The Nigerian Inspector General of Police, Mr. Usman Baba, on the launched of Operation Restore Peace in the South East and South South of the country, charged his men to carry out order not minding rules of engagement and human rights violations. Mr. Usman Baba, encourages the already deployed officers to shoot dead any IPOB member at sight with or without provocation. Not even media lamentations will make will make any change that he doesn't care.

This Hitler of a man called Inspector General of Police uniform is now currently the merchant of deaths and he went further to boast that every report that has to do with the massacre of the Biafran youths will come to his table and that he knows what to do with such a report. This outrageous utterances from the supposed Inspector General of Police - Mr. Usma. Baba has buttress our stand to name Nigeria a butcher house while her security agents are merchant of deaths in all categories. The battle of titans is now going to be fought on South East and South South geographical space, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has outlined time without number that Nigeria security armed forces and hired terrorists as mercenaries by the Nigerian government will kill us and we will kill them at the end Biafra comes. The prediction is not only fast approaching, it’s here now.

Written by: Kelechi Okorie, co-scripted by: Ndubuisi Eke

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07

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