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May 20, 2021

Everyone aspired to be free, not even a fetus wishes to remains in the womb and that is why once it’s nine months the baby starts agitating to come out from her mother’s womb, failure for the pregnant mother to adhered her body language and comply with the internal stimuli baby’s sign to be born as free person might leads to calamity that in some cases consume the life of the mother.

Agitation For freedom is a natural phenomenon that can’t be extinguished nor swept under the carpet irrespective of how powerful and tyrannical the oppressive gestapo regime might be. 

Every existing or existed regime of an oppressive state at one point in time might assume to be more powerful than its citizens but once resistance force emerges by the oppressed, the reverse becomes the case, the citizens take over its place by influencing government’s daily policies and decision making. African leaders are the sole reason why Africa continent remains undeveloped, their actions and inactions to serve as willing tools for European agents of neo-colonialism at the detriment of their own people is one amongst the major reasons why Europe underdeveloped Africa. Biafra and Ambazonia are experiencing similar internal military occupation of their indigenous lands, and their former state having the former colonial masters as backup for

African leaders as myopic as they are, won’t mind killing all its citizens to remain in power without anything to show for it just the title Mr. President or Head of State and they are well okay with it. Unlike advanced nations of the world, the wishes of their masses prevail and constructive reasoning from any quarter are debated for implementation and society build up. Instead of lethal force to subdue the masses voice, common reasoning plays proactive roles by reasonable government to listen to the plea of its citizens.

The unbearable situation of things and the prevailing ugly affinity between Biafra and Ambazonia of which they are passing through makes it possible for the alliance as both emerging new African nations have strong historical ties. 

War might not necessarily be the best option to determine indigenous peoples collective will either to remain in a subjugated existing system or to opt out as UK did to exit from the European Union, without war of aggression. Notwithstanding, war is the only language most African leaders understand. Debate and common reasoning is far fetch from African leaders, which has never been of  best interest for the continent yet, African leaders seem not to learnt anything from their European counterparts on war and conflict resolutions. Historically, freedom gotten at the plater of gold always can’t be guided jealously, African nations are backward mainly because Africa nationalists neither didn’t fought fervently for freedom of her people in a very hard way. 

The United States of America roared during the mid 50s which forced all colonial masters out of its colonial territories and paved way for most Africa countries to secure her backyard flag independence without Being freed. Slave mindset among the African leaders to  voluntarily remain subject to their European counterpart plays major roles to be parochial not to ascertain the need of freedom. Simple thing that ought to be resolve with decency an African leader with sit tight syndrome preferres to die in power than relinquish power or allow peaceful disintegration of his state with voice of reasoning.  The oppressive colonial vestige state cannot continue to hold the collective wishes of the people at ransom.

Rather than wasting lives for nothing, it’s advisable Muhammad Buhari’s led government and Paul Biya of Cameroon adopt same EU’s peaceful strategy that gave United Kingdom the avenue to decide their future, same should be extended to the Indigenous Biafrans and Ambazonia to decide their fate in a colonial vestige state. Unless both Cameroon and Nigeria tyrants want the agitators to adopt Thomas Jefferson‘s dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery as Gen. Muhammad Buhari and Paul Biya respectively are hell bent for war than the peaceful dissolution of their colonial vestige state. Any choice taken by both tyrants is devil's alternative that must be defeated, hence Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s led Indigenous People of Biafra movement and Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba of Ambazonia are ready to face any adversity head on.

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