Written By Nwawube Ezeobi | Biafra Reporter

April 22,  2021.

The sham skeletal creation of a confused security outfit by the South Eastern governors has yet again exposed where their loyalty lies.

It has been more than five years that the Fulanis surreptitiously invaded, settled in Igbo land and has for the said years been carrying out series of massacres and ear-itching activities against the locals. The Eastern governors just like emperor Nero have been fiddling while our land burnt.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for record times begged, wrote to Eastern governors to create a regional security that will safeguard our people but they paid deaf ears to all the pleas. Instead of safeguarding our land, they were busy recruiting more Miyetti Allah to be ontop governmental offices to prove their loyalty to the caliphate. 

The best someone like governor willie Obiano of Anambra state could do was to hold a meeting with top officials of Miyetti Allah terrorist organization and pledge to pay for any damage done on their cattles and also pleaded with them to accept to pay five [500] thousand naira for any citizen of Anambra State killed by the Fulani terrorist herdsmen.

In essence, he is equating the life of any Anambra Indigene with the sum of five [500] thousand naira. How sad these governors has lowered the lives of their people for political positions. On the other side, the lily-livered governor of Enugu state only visits sites/scene of Fulani attack and shed crocodile tears, a sign of weakness and helplessness for being a political serf. Should we talk about the incessant killings in Ebonyi and the romance between the Dave Umahi led government and the cabal led Federal government of Nigeria?. Imo state was already a conquered territory as the governor in the state is a product of Fulani supreme court.

Even the greatest haters of IPOB will affirm to the fact that it was with the coming of Eastern security network (ESN) launched by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, that the spate of Fulani killing of farmers, pillaging, raping, maiming of the locals suddenly became history. Eastern Security Network took to protecting our farms and people in the bushes across Biafra land and combated armed herdsmen. How did the governors react to that development?.  Firstly, they were mute out of shock and shame while they were romancing their Fulani masters in bed, the “small boy" from faraway Europe organised boys under their noses and secured the people’s lives.

When they recovered from the shock, they took their first action in Imo state where they invited the military to help suppress Eastern Security Network that were combating not just the herdsmen but security forces aiding the herdsmen. What a wicked people!!!

On seeing a total failure of this same plan, of course they knew infiltration if any thing IPOB was impossible owing to past experiences, they resolved after meeting at their new headquarters in Imo state, to front a new charade in the name of security outfit whose primary aim will be to attack Eastern Security Network, attack civilians in the name of Eastern Security Network so as to give the dog a bad name before hanging the dog for death, as was experienced in Anambra State where the Nigerian DSS attacked of a bank and installed the Biafran flags few days ago.

Remember that this meeting was held immediately after Hope Uzodimma of Imo state came back from the cabals meeting in Abuja. Then let’s assume all Igbos are gullible, how do they want us to accept a security outfit that was created in front of the leaders of those whose security outfit is meant to combat only a particular section of the country? This is the same governors that were mute when herdsmen were massacring innocent civilians, and all of a sudden as they see the successes of the men of Eastern Security Network in the Bushes, instead of rolling out supports for them, they plan to destabilise them.  What  more prove do you need to know that the real enemies of Igbos are those placed in charge of  political affairs especially the governors.

Can they point at one lapse of Eastern Security Network that made them to instead of to support them, they sheepishly in their blindness fronts a new set of faceless security team?. This is the time for our people to not only know their enemies but to be vigilante and most importantly voice out against the South Eastern governors mischievous plans to hand over our land to the caliphate for nothing but “morsel of yam".

It is time for Ndigbo just like Igbo world Congress (I.W.C), has done, to come out and reject the governors plan with their criminal boys called Ebube Agu Security Network. They should be made to understand that self defense is a right not a privilege. 

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

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