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May 23,3021 

There is tension, especially among police officers, who are being targeted in a series of attacks by some unknown gunmen.

At least 54 officers have been killed since attacks on police facilities and officers began in October 2020, after government forces used force against protesters calling for an end to police brutality and the dissolution of a notorious unit known as the ‘Special Anti-Robbery Squad’, which several reports have indicted of robbery, murder of civilians for fun and trading corpses of victims in their detention facilities.

series of attacks on the police has left officers in fear, even as many of them have desert the job.

“I only wear my uniform at our station, I don’t wear it on the way to work,” said an inspector in the eastern region of the country where the attacks have worsened.

“After we were advised to be on high alert, many of us who have our family nearby do not sleep there,, here at the station we do no sleep to, we always keep watch at night.”

A sergeant who lost his colleagues in an attack on a checkpoint said that one of the attackers is a lady,”she was wearing a black mask.”

“… with the way they opened fire during the shooting that lasted a few minutes, I think they have superior weapons,” he said.

The situation have forced officers to leave checkpoints, while some police facilities remain partially closed.

The attacks for which no group has claimed responsibility have added to the growing security challenge in the country where Islamic militants and militias have taken over the northern region.

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