By Nwawube Ezeobi | The Biafra Post

March 22, 2021

Anambra State - The Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Alfred Achebe sinister move left nothing unsaid when he maliciously launched a counter security outfit in the name of protecting Onitsha and it's environs from the unknown gunmen paying retributive justice to the many brutalities and summary execution by the men of the Nigerian Armed Forces. His action and step so far as envisaged is nothing but a pure act of hypocrisy coupled with sabotage of the greatest order and a very ill conceived and criminally executed mission that will dent his throne if he doesn't withdraw from this ugly journey he has suddenly embarked upon.

The unknown gunmen emerged following the non uninterrupted re-occurring incidents of police brutalities across the board of Eastern region of Nigeria on daily basis, there has been series of reports upon reports of killings, maiming, bullying, illegal arrest, detention and extortion of innocent civilians and unsuspecting members of the public by the uniformed men on trivial issues of refusal to give them hundred [#100] naira bribe on grounds of exchanging words with the security men and before you know it life will be wasted by the happy trigger officer on a road block. 

On several occasions has the Nigerian Military Force and her sister department - the Nigerian Police Force who believed that Eastern region of Nigeria is a conquered territory with weak men feel it's their birthrights will mount thousands of extortion and bullying quarters called military check points and police road blocks, these men in uniform has had sent many to their early graves, young men and women on accounts of disobedience to comply with them just because of ordinary bribe. Hundreds of Eastern Nigeria youths are in the graves today because the Nigerian government till date still believe that Igbos are conquered people. 

The Nigerian government at will with all pleasure will send down their soldiers to mount road blocks and make the lives of Easterns more especially the Igbos miserable leaving them in penury and abject poverty. The Nigerian government sole aim of intimidating the Igbos especially is to make our business men handicapped through seizures and extortions as they try to transport their goods to the East through Lagos and Ogun state wharfs back to Onitsha and Aba which is densely populated by the Igbos as their home town. The unknown gunmen from their body language are merely telling the government to withdraw their uniform louts from our land and allow free movement without intimidation  and killings.

The unknown gunmen have proven to be reacting against the siege on Igbo land by the occupational Nigerian military and police; now, the puppets of the Fulani oligarchy's in Igbo land has received calls from Abuja and threatened with God knows what and they are already reacting as political serfs and cowards they are. The Supreme Court imposed governor of Imo State - Hope Uzodimma is planning to launch his own security outfit in the coming weeks as evidence abound within the state house. We have few questions for the likes of Hope Uzodimma and Igwe Alfred Achebe and all those criminal representatives sponsoring their team of confusionists that will soon meet their waterloo.

Firstly, Igwe Alfred Achebe, where were you when the Nigerian Military men killed hundreds of Igbo youths who were by birth members of MASSOB and IPOB in Onitsha head bridge and it's environs, Nkpor massacre, the Ezue river massacre and other forms of killings that took effect in other parts of Anambra state and beyond starting from the time of Peter Obi down to Willie Obiano?. Igwe Alfred Achebe have you not heard of the age longed criminal activities committed by the Nigerian Police Force and her sister department - the Nigerian Army in and out of Anambra State with mounted checkpoints in guise of checkmating criminal activities and hoodlums. What have you done to stop these evil men from killing your people because of 100 naira and 50 naira which were mere excuses.

Any right thinking youth that allows himself or herself to be used by these criminal gluttons within the corridor's of power just because of five thousand (#5000), naira stipends and promises of a better tomorrow in Nigeria that will never come nor materialize should take heed and dismiss self from the ploy hatched by Igwe Alfred Achebe and his cohorts to send you to your early graves if you insist that you must challenge the unknown gunmen. Do not allow yourselves to be used by politicians as useful tools against your own people.

Before Igwe Alfred Achebe and his political cohorts force you to start fighting your brothers, firstly ask them to bring back their children from overseas to lead the force.

These are only but political serfs and puppets whose only mission is to safeguard their political interests and be in the good books of the Futa Jalons political power mongers. Ndigbo, over the years, those killing you are ironically those you place in positions of leadership to protect you, sad indeed!. Our people use to say that "Arusi waba anya, egosi ya osisi ejiri pia ya" which denote that #when the gods start being ruthless in dealing with the people, we show the diety the woods they are carved it from". There will be consequences of every action against the people. Every family member in Igbo land and Biafra land in general should call their people to order, warn your husbands, brothers, sisters, fathers and relatives to stay clear of anything that will have them condemned eternally by the living and the dead.

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