By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

March 10, 2021

Security simply means free from threat, but in Nigeria, it’s absolutely different, the Nigerian Police force and her sister department - the Nigerian Military that swore an oath to protect the lives and properties of citizens in reversed posed danger to vulnerable innocent civilians. No Nigerian can proudly said to be save, seeing them hustling to escape from Nigeria for overseas is mainly because of insecurity reasons, we can attribute this above to the gaily fact and, the sole reason why Mrs. Aisha Muhammadu Buhari's wife left Nigeria [Aso-Rock], to live in Dubai as her new residential quarter. 

The Nigerian government misunderstood the word “security”, to a ghastly regime we see today, acquisition of all the armaments in the world to fight internally misconception where dialogue ought to be applied means security to them, which in most cases ends in the hands of Fulani bandits. Police and Military integrity didn’t only ends during #EndSARS Protests at Lekki Tollgate, that led to extra judicial massacred of peaceful protesters and abuse of human rights and dignity but only exposed the brutality of Nigerian armed security forces before the world. The peaceful protests were to end police brutality through peaceful agitation, instead of the security outfits to apply decent caution and adjust their barbarism, they aggressively fierce intensify her brutality, decimated the peaceful protesters. 

In other parts of the world, Police vis-à-vis Military boisterous attitude is hardly to be seen in public places, civilians relaxed their mind immediately security personnel surface. It’s a different ball game when it has to do with Nigeria, both the Police and Military are emotional pain vultures of its own flesh, the people they are constitutionally instituted to protect are instead, make profits from the pains of the innocent civilians. Nationals around the globe are satisfied having seen their security personnel observing dully professional rules of engagement, it always makes civilians see their security personnel as friends because their operations are of the interest of the masses. But in Nigeria, no! Police and Military are frightened agent of venom, they are the wicked creature of hell, making them the real enemies of the people.

No one in his or her rightful sense will like to dine with a devil unless, in a condition the person is ready to use a long spoon to abscond whenever the mischievous naughty reckless devil’s ineptitude visibly appears, that is the case of Nigeria Police and Military. One that wore the shoe knows where it pains, Nigerians can affirm the rudiment Police / Military rules of engagement specifies only on extra judicial killings of innocent civilians, extortionists and raping of women at gun point. When Nigerians are seen rejoicing for killing of a Nigerian security personnel by the unknown gunmen they know why. Rather than Nigerian Police/Military to restore law and order they deliberately add patrol to the burning fire. Most of the rising insecurity in Nigeria was instituted by the same Nigeria armed security apparatus that were assigned with the responsibility to protect lives and properties but inevitably, turn to monster against their obligations they ought to uphold.

It is impossible in Nigeria to see a family free from Police/Military brutality, drawing inference on what transpired during the #EndSARS peaceful protests where combined joint force, military and police were spotted shooting live bullets on peaceful protesters, this was neither the first time Nigeria armed forces engaged themselves in such a barbaric act nor has they take correction, rather it is seen as a normal habitual culture among the security personnel. Police and Military brutality against civil Nigerians can’t be over emphasis, it is a daily cultivation ethic among the men in uniform, even the government can’t deny it. The Nigerian government in most cases uses same Police and Military to perfect the uncivilized horror that is why government keeps adamant whenever security forces contravene its rules of engagements. 

The disheartening report that a ten (10), year old boy was tortured to death by a soldier for plucking ordinary mangoes in the barracks at Hayin Banki, Kaduna North LGA, was among the daily uncountable brutality perpetuated by Nigerian security armed forces. After all the provocative wanton inflictions will expect the victim’s family to fold their arms without retaliation? It’s unacceptable. Even when the victims’ family members don’t have muscles to fight at least they can bite. Most Nigerians are happy whenever unknown gunmen rampage any security formation in retaliation of pains inflicted in many families. The worst mistake made by the Nigerian Presidency was the shoot at sight executive order on anybody seen with assault rifle, why because, the similar AK-47 used by the Nigerian Police force and her Military is less sophisticated compared with fire arms in possession of Fulani bandits who are rampaging communities. In such circumstance, it endangers Nigerian security armed forces more and more. The recent news that Fulani bandits overpowered security formation and kidnapped people at the airport has shown that insecurity in Nigeria is at high level. 

Biafra Reporters learnt, few days ago a soldier was arrested along with her girlfriend for allegedly supplying arms and army uniforms to Fulani bandits in the Northern part of Nigeria. To prove it beyond reasonable doubt, that the same Military armed security forces who are meant to protect lives and properties are the same people causing insecurity through their support for hoodlums. Police officer was caught stealing five (5), AK-47 in Akwa Ibom State, what was he going to do with five AK-47 in his possession if not to handing them over to the unknown gunmen who will turn around use it against security forces?. 

Both Defense Headquarters and Inspector General of Police knew what they are hiding from Nigerians about the sudden surface of the unknown gunmen. The Inspector General of Police’s misguided utterances, linking the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, a peaceful movement to hoodlums is uncalled for. It’s imperative to note, mutual cooperation between Nigeria security armed forces and Fulani terrorist groups is relatively interwoven. Even soldiers are killing their fellow soldiers to pave ways for hoodlums to carry successful attacks, turning around to finger peaceful IPOB is as equivalent as kettle calling pot black. They knew where the problem lies, it’s within the security structure and only them can easily fish out the culprits among them, than chasing unexisting shadow.

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