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 March 9, 2021 

Disturbing report reaching Biafra Reporters news desk has confirmed  by an eye witness who do not want his name to be  mentioned that Come Onyegbula Solomon and 2 other Biafrans were abuducted yesterday been March 8, 2021 in a different location while Mazi Solomon were trailed to his shop pieror to his arrest  according the report  they placed a call to him, that he should come and do a burial program for them since he is  into printing  press, on getting to his office he  inquired if they have sample of what they want, they said no then Solomon while  bending  down in his office table to get a sample then the murderous Nigeria DSS rushed him and pin him down that he is under arrest, he tried to question them because they called him for a work, they now brought out their Id cards and told him  that they are men of DSS, they put him on handcuff, and  their car arrived from no where, while they take  him along with them, they took his laptop and took him back to where he was charging his phone, picked the phone and also arrested the guy he was charging his phone at his place. 

Comr Onyegbula  Solomon  is the Owerri North local government area IPOB cordinator, and the immediate past cordinator voice of Biafra students(VOBS), Alvan Ikoku college of education chapter.

His location is currently unknown.
This is totally unacceptable!!!
This same Nigerian government official kidnappers had never arrested a single fulani herdsmen but are moving about kidnapping innocent Biafrans.

The other one is one of the 68 people they just released from prison the young man is still taking his treatment they came yesterday and shot him on his leg and took him up to unknown destination.

We demand unconditional and immediate release of Comr Onyegbula and others at large as he has not committed any crime against any known to law both in Nigeria and at the international stage.
The world as usual is being placed on notice because we will never ever take it likely with any body involve in this criminal game of the federal government.



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