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March 05, 2021

As the trumpet of praises are blowing from all corners of the earth unto immortal (Elohim), the wings of freedom are hovering, activation of spiritual warfare is descending on the walls of Jericho, the valor is marching towards victory. It’s a time and moment of spiritual warfare, a time what goes around comes around, a time the same hands that poisoned IPOB family members will poison itself, a time those that treated the children of most high wrongly in the past will live to watch their evil did consume them, a time untold agony of blind, deaf and dumb shall befall those that have hands in maiming, subjugation and extra judicial killings of IPOB family members for whatever guise. 

Invariably, the activation of spiritual warfare is a dancing period for Biafra, a period of thanksgiving and supplication, a time the compromised chief judge that passed the exparte order against IPOB as a terrorist group is nowhere to be found to reject the application filed by IPOB legal team challenging the exparte motion. Be that as it may, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is alive but convener of the cocked-up unconstitutional exparte order, late Justice Abdul Kafarati, who on September, 2017, designated IPOB as a terrorist group kicked the bucket, the chief justice has departed to be seen no more to stand again for his evil black market exparte order. 

IPOB proscription as a terrorist group came amidst of orchestrated plan by the Nigerian military on invasion of Mazi kanu’s residential home, Isi Ama Afaraukwu Ibeku, Umuahia. The unprofessional military exercise named Operation Python Dance II, was at its worst specifically planned to kill the IPOB leader. The cowardice Nigeria military slaughtered unarmed innocent Biafran youths in a cold blood in the streets of Umuhia and Aba respectively. Exceptional of the Senate Minority leader, Distinguish Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, all parliamentarian members neither spoke out against the military mob action nor challenged the backyard terrorist proscription.

Our parliamentarian members more especially those from Biafra extraction were unable to detect the adjudication by the ever biased judge - late Justice Kafarat's verdict with counter motion and points of law, on the premise that the Attorney General of the Nigerian federation having the consent of the President was enough ground for IPOB proscription as a terrorist organization. Whereas, Nigeria shadow President won’t deny the knowledge of Fulani terrorist groups in Northern Nigeria and herdsmen menace in Southern Nigeria, who are on daily basis ravaging all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria without intermittency. The violation of 1999 Nigeria constitution as amended, gave IPOB legal council Bar. Ifeanyi Ejiofor incentive legal suit against the prosecutor as Bar. Ejiofor blasted the terrorist designation as a backyard proscription. 

Biafra reporters on February, 2021 acknowledged a press release from the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court of Nigeria, Honorable Justice John Terhamba Tsoho, signedsigned by Catherine Oby, Federal High Court of Nigeria confirmed Kafarati’s death. The press statement reads in part: with great sadness, the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court of Nigeria, Honorable Justice John Terhemba Tsoho, regrets to announce the sudden death of the former chief judge of the honorable court; Honorable Justice Adamu Abdul kafarati who passed on last night at about 7:30 pm being 25th February, 2021, after his usual evening magrib prayer in Abuja. The late justice died of cardiac arrest.

The downfall of the walls of Jericho are taking different dimensions in order to pave ways for IPOB legal team to continue challenging the irregularity exparte order designating IPOB as a terrorist organization at the appeal court. IPOB struggle for Biafra restoration is right away at the darkest phase of the struggle that encompasses activation of spiritual warfare which at the end of the tunnel will inevitably crumble Nigeria and whatever that is left of her won’t exit any more. 

Same way, Mazi Nnamdi kanu, rained curses on Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, in a court room that resulted to his sudden death and disappearance from anything public functions before a young reincarnated look alike impersonator masquerading himself as the dead Nigerian President - Muhammadu Buhari came on board. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, caused commotion at the court room, on the viral video without fear; Mazi Nnamdi kanu blasted the Nigerian President for controlling the judiciary. He spoke fire then that “Buhari is mad, he is completely mad, he can’t jail me, he is not intelligent enough to jail me, I Nnamdi kanu says no secret trial”. The outburst was as a result of the trump-up charges levied against him by the DSS together with other defendants facing trial for belonging to unlawful society. The proclamation was heard by heaven, within a twinkle off an eye, Buhari turns to existing shadow only on pages of newspapers. 

Cover up report hovering around that the GOC of the 6th Division Rivers State, follows Justice Abdul Karafati to have parted away in a journey of no return has proven the mystery behind Biafra agitation by IPOB as this can’t be understand with canal knowledge and see with optical eyes unless you are in spirit and a child of Chukwu Okike Abiama. The army commander was the one that superintended the extra judicial killings, Illegal arrest, torture, raped of Biafran women lifted from Obigbo - Rivers State to Abuja, Niger State and other Northern Nigeria states for possible summary execution before the information was broke out, during and after the #EndSARS protest.

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