March 6, 2021 

Published On the Biafra Post 

It has become very imperative that we the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,  bring to the attention of Gov. Samuel Ortom of Benue State how Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen are terrorizing Igbo communities in his state. The unprovoked genocidal attacks by these murderous bands have intensified in the last one week.

The world has to be aware of this atrocity which has persisted obviously because the Governor failed to rise to his responsibility of protecting lives and property of these innocent Igbo communities in his state.

Recently, the Fulani terrorists herdsmen disguised as  soldiers, and abducted so many people in some Igbo communities. Benue State Governor  Samuel Ortom  must take responsibility for securing these communities or IPOB would move in our gallant Eastern Security Network, ESN operatives to do the needful.

For weeks now the people are being terrorized by hooded Fulani military men on evil mission.

These communities are  living in fears and some have already ran away from their homes.

We can never allow Fulani terrorists to decimate any Biafran community. We will no longer tolerate any unprovoked attack against our people irrespective of where they reside. Gov. Ortom must act now or ESN will rise to the occasion!  ESN  will launch a serious operation to chase the killer Fulani out of Benue if Gov Samuel Ortom cannot protect Igbo Biafrans living in Benue. 

The Benue government must as a matter of urgency ensure that the Chief of Ataloga and others abducted are released , and no harm befalls them , otherwise, ESN will unleash its venon in the state against the Fulani.

Based on our findings, the worst hit of Fulani herdsmen attack is Ataloga community where men in military uniform kidnapped three innocent locals.  The victims include Chief of the community, Mazi Boniface;  IPOB Coordinator and the youth leader of Ndigwe community. Others including Chief Simon Nweke from Ndiighe in Ado LGA; and Patrick Nweke, Youth President of Ndiighe in Ado LGA.

Other Igbo villages under siege now in Izi, Oju LGA of Benue State are:  Edele village, Ogbala Izi village, Onyenu village, Obokata village, Ekpuphu village and Idele Izi  village.

Others include: Ndi Nwankwo village,  Osidi village , Usebe village, Eka village, Ikari village , Ameka village, Edear village and others.  

In Inikiri Izi  in Ado LGA, the beseiged villages include:   iniKiri village, Okputu village, Amaeka village, Ojiegbe village, Odun village, Echeri village, One village, and Odoke village.

 Others are Ameulla village, Obusirike village, Eri village, Epkekere Village,  Ndigbaraoso Village, Odi Village, Opkoricho Village, and others.            

These are villages in Ebonyi State mistakenly carved into Benue State, and Gov. Samuel Ortom must secure and protect them. We need explanation why he failed to protect these harples folks from Fulani terrorists attack. 

Intelligence report at our disposal indicates that Fulani terrorists camped and operate from that axis , enter Ebonyi State, Enugu State, and Cross River State where they launch attack on our people and move back.  But now IPOB and ESN are prepared, and won't  allow them any breeding ground in our ancestral land!


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