Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter 

March 15, 2021

Eastern Security Network (ESN), was ordained by God and not man, it's modus operandi encompasses with God’s principles and guidelines. It is a people’s consensus security network across Biafra. The security outfit doesn’t have a right to judge terrorists, neither do they kill innocent citizens and spare the terrorists nor are they answerable to any jury in Nigeria, rather ESN send terrorists to God direct for judgment whom its verdict is believed to be just, unbiased and impartial, deviod of prejudice over the corrupt judicial system obtainable in Nigeria. 

Exceptional of Eastern Security Network, all the security formations in Nigeria were meant to be under the Fulani controlled led federal government’s apron spring. The illustration above was pertaining to the reason a Fulani terrorist kingpin, Iskilu Wakilu arrested by Oodua Peoples Congress and Amotekun corps was easily truncated after been handed over to the Nigerian Police Force, the said terrorist later sued OPC demanding for billions of naira as compensation after members of OPC were also detained by ever compromised Nigerian Police Force. Unlike ESN, such nonsense can’t be tolerated, it's an instruction handed down to them from Elohim - Chukwu Okike Abiama, whom all ESN activities are anchored and emanated from to eradicate Fulani banditry, killer terrorists herdsmen and Fulani kidnappers across Biafra land and beyond.

Nevertheless, master's and slaves relationship or would I say husband and wife relationship between the Fulani and the Oduduwa people could be the sole reason Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria vowed never to abide by any anti-open grazing law in the Western region of Nigeria or be ready for confrontation but the same case is not applicable in the defunct Eastern region of Nigeria, convincingly knowing that ESN is diligently ever ready to face any adversity coming from the Fulani bandits, killer terrorist herdsmen and its sympathizers in Aso-Rock, aiding and unabating Fulani terrorism in Nigeria.     

The signal alone sent by Eastern Security Network - ESN, after Mohammed Isa was captured and sent to God for judgment was a tip of an iceberg and eye opener for Miyetti Allah, on what awaits Fulani bandits, killer herdsmen should they persist terrorizing indigenous population within our space. A pity contradictory press released was made through the Secretary General of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria - Kautal Hore, Sahel Al-Hassan, where they questioned ESN’s legitimate credibility to have apprehended an alleged notorious Fulani terrorist without handing him over to the police invariably, he went further by distancing the terrorist as non-member of the group but indirectly he was severely worried why a confirmed known terrorist must be sent to God for judgment for impartial prejudice, this simply means that Miyetti Allah’s complicity must have something in common with the Fulani terrorist Mohammed Isa, who was captured by ESN in Lower Benue - Igbo territory.

Going through the Miyetti Allah’s Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria press statement in between the line, the group is heavily saddened for losing their frontline terrorist kingpin in the hands of Eastern Security Network. The group condemned the act of apprehension of Fulani terrorist as lawlessness at same scenario failed to condemn the incessant unabated Fulani herdsmen rampages that have become daily routine occurrences across the board of Nigeria mainly in Biafra land, Middle Belt and Oduduwa land.   

A call by former governor of Lagos State Ahmed Bola Tinubu, charged President Mohammadu Buhari’s led government to convene a national security meeting to curb the farmers-herders crisis may be seen as a good idea but it’s dead on arrival to solve the rekindling crisis as the Presidency once told the world that farmers-herders crisis was caused by climate change. And now the dichotomous climate change is universally yet to resolve rationally Fulani rampage will continue unabated. Likewise, Fulani banditry is a deliberate act instrumented by the federal government of Nigeria either directly or indirectly encouraging ceding indigenous lands to Fulani herders using cattle colony, Ruga settlements, water ways bill and National Livestock Transformation Program as means of grabbing lands and hand over to the Fulanis', in most cases the government with application using federal force enable the annihilation, maim, killing indigenous land owners for easy force conquest.    

The Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, leader Mazi Nnamdi kanu, was in a broadcast last week hailed Eastern Security Network over the successful captured of a Fulani terrorist leader Mohammed Isa, who was said to be wreaking havoc in Lower Benue. IPOB as an emancipation movement demanding for a sovereign state of Biafra as independent nation has reiterates their warning to the Fulani terrorist cow herding armed group - the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria and its collaborators in Aso Rock on her noble quest to rid Biafra land of all manner of criminality, ostensibly Fulani terrorists and killers, this exercise will continue unabated until our farm lands and forests in Biafra are safe and secure. 

Eastern Security Network captured the Fulani terrorist Mohammed Isa, just few days the state governor of Benue State - Mr. Samuel Ortom ignored a call by IPOB to protect Igbo community in his state. His negligent to adhere to the call warranted the Indigenous People of Biafra to deployed Eastern Security Network, to move in and do the surprise and the needful which the Nigerian federal government and her compromised armed security forces couldn’t do since the inception of tyrant Muhammadu Buhari into office.

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