By Comr. Onyegbula Solomon | Biafra Post

February 19, 2021

The age long brutality and evil meted on innocent and vulnerable citizens by the Nigerian Army should not be ignored any further. For any attempt to continue to feign ignorance of the evils of Nigerian brutal security forces, means that you are the bigger evil ravaging the society. Whether you are the government or working in government, religious or traditional leader, private individual, the obvious fact is that we are very much aware or in the know of the serial atrocities of the brutal zoo called Nigerian security forces against those they sworn oath to protect.

Therefore, we should not pretend that we are not seeing what the Nigerian armed security forces are doing to the innocent and unsuspected members of the public who are law abiding citizens, for silence in the face of evil, is evil itself.  In addition to the age long evil of Nigerian brutal security forces against her citizens, this recent one that took effect calls for urgent condemnation and intervention to put an end to the evil; during and after the end SARS protests that rocked Nigeria, where citizens especially Youths came out to protest against the police brutality, killing and illegal arrest and forceful detentions by the ever brute Nigerian Military personnels that lacked the constitutional right to arrest, detain or prosecute innocent residents of Obigbo Rivers State. 

Governor Nyesom Wike connived with the Nigerian Security, Army in particular to arrest hundreds of innocent Biafrans numbering over three hundred (300), worst of it all is the illegal abduction of more than sixty-three (63), innocent Biafran young ladies were taken to Abuja military barracks away from Biafra land, where they were randomly raped by this same Nigerian Army on daily basis. The same people they sworn oath of engagement to protect while joining the armed forces. This wickedness and Injustice of the brutal Nigerian armed forces against innocent Biafrans should stop with immediate effect and offenders punished while the victims of the kidnapped rape cases, illegal arrested and detained citizens infringement of their human rights and dignity compensated adequately thereby setting up a measure and standardization . 

We ask the Nigerian Army what Crime have the innocent young ladies you kidnapped and keep raping committed? What is their Crime? After kidnapping them, you subject them to the worst inhuman treatment by raping them, taking canal knowledge of them forcibly, which is a sin before Man and before God. The truama of the rape will linger in their memories for a very long time, if not forever.

Why raping your victims? Or are we suddenly in a war situation were persons are taken home as spoils of war?

Nigeria Army, why this evil? Why this brutality against innocent people? Why this inhuman and degrading treatment, why must you keep reminding us that we are an endangered specie? Why can't you emulate your counterparts across the world in the exercise of your duties, why must you arrest and keep people in your dungeon ILLEGALLY? Why do you hate us this much? 

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