By Comr. Nwawube Ezeobi | Biafra Reporter

February 19, 2021

A joint Military onslaught by the Nigerian air force and land soldiers has launched an offensive attack on the Indigenous People of Biafra just established security outfit named -EASTERN SECURITY NETWORK (ESN) over violence foreign herdsmen rampaging our land, killing and raping our sisters and mothers in our farms. It became a surprised scenario and one worth investigating when the Nigerian military first launched an attack on the ESN in Owerri early January 2021 after the security outfit sacked some armed Fulani hersdmen out of some bushes in Imo State .

Today again, the inhabitants of Orlu, a town/community in Imo state woke up to behold military helicopters and soldiers all over their air space and land in 🔎 of Eastern Security Network camps.

This development is not only worrisome but  revealing how suddenly the Nigerian armed forces moved into action to protect notorious foreign herdsmen as the Mohammadu Buhari government initially claimed; these cow herders moves about with sophisticated weapons killing, raping and destroying farms with the Nigerian government backing their bloodletting with that before the killing stops, indigenous people must give out their land for Ruga settlements to accommodate these foreign herders or they can't help out..

How unprofessionally the Nigerian armed forces are as being commanded by the President Mohammadu Buhari regime of atrocity, this APC government sinister moves to annihilate and massacre boys whose only duty was to protect the farms, bushes and forests of their people from turning into a Fulani enclave over night.  This is in a country where Boko-Haram kept winning more grounds, a country where Chibok girls are still in custody of Boko-Haram.

A country where the government heavily paid Miyetti Allah to stop killing innocent people in their farms. A country where the government romance all manner of societal ill vices coming from the Fulani race. A country just few days ago, students were kidnapped in Niger state. Till date, the Nigerian state has never commanded the Nigerian air force to hover around Sambisa forest not to talk of bombing them nor the area under terrorist chain of command.

Till date, the Nigerian government has never condemned the menace of those they refer to as foreign herders for the continuous killings and maiming of locals across the states.

This single action of the federal government leaves no more doubt on who the real sponsors are, what the ulterior motives of marauding herdsmen are and who is bank rolling them to acquire more arms to sack indigenous people from their homes. It is now obvious that the Fulani herdsmen are the unofficial foot soldiers of the conquest infested Fulani oligarchy.

They have sent in the Nigerian army to make sure that Easteen Security Network does not succeed in stopping the conquest of Biafra land by Fulani herdsmen. This is no time for big grammars, unnecessary criticisms and political correctness but collective support to the men of Eastern Security Network in order to stop the federal government sponsored Fulani conquest of our lands. We must stop the Nigerian army at all cost, we must stop the Nigerian government and we must have our freedom at last.

God Bless Eastern Security Network.

God Bless the Nation - Biafra.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

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