Written By Ezeobi Jonel Chijioke | Biafra Reporters

February 18, 2021

Rising from the ravaging insecurity hampering all regions that made up Nigeria as an artificially created enclave, the duty of every responsible and people oriented government is to ensure that the governed are adequately protected from internal and external aggressors into her territory but in the case of Nigeria the story always turns Negative with prejudice once it has to do with a particular ethnic group called Fulani.

It is evidentially proven beyond every human doubts that Fulani herdsmen are the major root cause of destruction of ancestral lands of their host communities which they illegally occupy. Fact made handy to our news room according to Punch Newspaper reportage and other Nigerian media outlets reported as at 2019 on why the Federal Government of Nigeria couldn't proscribed Fulani herdsmen who are seen carrying AK47 guns yet they wander about with their cattles openly grazing in people's farms. The Federal government of Nigeria went ahead to backup this claim that the reason for Fulani herdsmen mischief was as a result of denying them Ruga settlement in our indigenous lands.

The clandestine motive to forcefully establish Ruga settlements, water ways bill for Fulani herders failed woefully as the Fulani political dogs and merchants failed to lobby and engage the House of Assembly in an open debate with undisputed reasons why indigenous people should give out their lands for the sole purpose of Fulani use, had Indigenous people ignorantly agreed to give in to what the Federal government demanded of them to ease alot of tension between Fulani herdsmen and Indigenous farmers by now the Fulani conquest would have been completed. 

On this note, the Federal government of Nigeria made itself a promoter of Fulani conquest and land grabbing government borrowing a leaf from history because dictator Mohammadu Buhari is a core Fulani man and the arrowhead behind this secret move, Fulani as a tribe conquers a space with their cattles as it is prevalence in the Middle Belt and some parts of Oduduwa forests and having failed on Ruga settlements since the central government is passionately disappointed by the refusal of indigenous people to give out their lands to a migratory nomads, the Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria resorted to media blackmail thereby giving killer herdsmen an edge of become the victims of their terror if not the suppressors to the host communities.

Since the federal government of Nigeria is clearly in support of what benefits the migratory nomads at the detriment of indigenous land owners who are the sole habitants that harbors the terrorist herdsmen despite their violent nature, and base on the cowardly weakness of Eastern Governors, the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, came into the game, to fill in the gap and offer hundred percent (100%) security to her defenseless people by launching Eastern Security Network, this security outfit is mandated with the sole purpose, to evict illegal occupants and illegal settlements in our bushes of which they are incredibly doing so that our people can go back to farm without fear of Fulani herdsmen terror on them.

As nature may have it, when words are being backed by actions, well deserved results would be achieved within a short or long time frame; it is clear to all now that other regions of Nigeria like Middle-Belt, Oduduwa are waking up and adopting our security measures since the federal government is one-sided and are always at monetary negotiations with real terrorist groups like Fulani bandits, Miyetti Allah cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria also known as  Fulani herders and Boko-Haram.

Instead of the government of Mohammadu Buhari who happens to be a Fulani man to fight these killer herders and terrorists like other prudent past government and administration did rather openly went to bed with terrorists and the non-Fulani people have no other viable alternative than to confront these Fulani herders by creating their own security outfits and should Mohammadu Buhari led federal government further pull the trigger on trying to stop Eastern Security Network will cause an escalating chaos which at the end will destroy and collaspe Nigeria. Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari led federal government, her security operatives, biased media houses and cohorts in whom derived joy in painting evil to be good came very late on this school of thought as for challenging Eastern Security Network is where they will meet their waterloo.

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