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February 18, 2021

From the cracked walls of their stinking rooms they peeped.

From the rat infected but warm comfort of their abode they watched.

Their heads slipping through their eve's piece of wrapper as they force the betrayed shaking voice with questions.

Echoes of questions, questions of cowardice,

The sun has it risen from the east?, 

Life, has it turn to Immortality?

Is it safe already to speak without dying?

Voices of the cowards echoes from the dark!

From the thick dark will they be buried.

Saddled on the other Frank are the hopeless hopefuls.

Soon we may control power and get our bellies stocked.

"Soon we will be appointed by the oligarchy in Sokoto and the caliphate in Gwandu.

Does it matter if our people have to die?

We will get our bellies stocked with wealth", they reasoned.

Remind me what the spirits called them, Hopeless hopefuls!!!

Hello brother man, the fence which you stand upon is already shaking 

Your fantasies are about to be dashed

The fence has been weakened by the blood of your people.

Remember those killed you looked the other way, while they were mowed down by your master?

Yes, the fence is weakened by their blood.

Brother, you are about to fall.

Hold on!, fall but not on our half

You had fared better on the half of the caliphate than here.

You foolish hopeful, were you not warned in the days past?

That someday the walls will fall and peace will be far gone from those on them.

Where you not warned, that days is far spent, and the day of reckoning will come

Alas! You were taken by your greed to feed fat from the blood of your day of reckoning is here, may you find what you deserve where you headed.


This poem summarily point at our people that are afraid to support the freedom movement because of fear of death and also those of them that are standing on the fence in order not to jeopardise their political chances in Nigeria politics. We are gradually getting to our shores, take your Nigeria bathed with the blood of my people and we shall raise your banner high Oh Biafra! .... Motherland we hail. 

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

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