By Chinasa Nworu 

Published On The Biafra Post

Febuary 12,2021 

Many  enemies of Biafran restoration always ask this  useless question, IPOB where is your road map?.

Some said  IPOB has no road map , but right in their faces Mazi Nnmadi Kanu was groomed by IPOB as a leader  and he fits into that leadership position.Meaning Biafrans now have selected a leader  they feel can lead them to that promised land . 

Right in their faces, IPOB families gathered  themselves in more than 150 countries and become a very powerful force in all sphere of a freedom fighting outfit that no man born of a woman can contend with.  Administratively they have set up their government  and they communicate effectively without any hindrance. That is how command and control becomes their watchword . 

IPOB  have no road map but right in their faces  #ESN was launched on 12th December 2020.  A security outfit that  is generally accepted by many  Biafrans both home and abroad. Now thousands of able bodied men are on the queue to join ESN, some call them IPOB paramilitary  wing , some call them Biafran army , some call them separatist army . Anyone you called them , is all good , as long as they achieve our target .  Don’t forget ESN is that lion with the face of a sheep. 

Unfortunately, IPOB  have  no road map , right in their faces , IPOB   set up a medical Corp expected to offer medical help for Biafrans massively  in the nearest future , you can call it their ministry of health , you won’t regrets having them when their assignment kicks into full gear . 

IPOB have  no road map, but most of you know how much they pay one diplomatic lobbyist group in USA alone on a monthly basis. Their diplomatic circle is growing daily , don’t forgot that most of the countries IPOB are registered from Europe -America -Africa  , Asia and Middle East are all set up for diplomatic purposes . That is called foreign mission. 

IPOB have no road map,  but right in their faces , they have all gone dumb and blind in all the welfare activities IPOB is undertaking on a daily basis , the medical bills , school fees  paid for those their parents died in the struggle and monetary helps offered to our people at home in difficult times , legal bills  running in millions of Naira .  Don’t be surprise we are setting up  our ministry of welfare .

Finally , when they talk about road Map , they don’t see the IPOB media , our  ministry of  information , this department scares Biafan enemies to death , from this ministry , enemies are attacked with atomic bomb words,  they’re  capable of dishing out informations that causes stroke and heart attack against the enemies . 

IPOB media departments starting  from  the radio journalists and social media commentators are all  fierce in their approach , brutal in their marking and sincerely Biafra enemies don’t like encountering them .  The enemies don’t like talking about IPOB media because is like crawling in the war front without arms   

To this end,   these departments or ministries mentioned above are  actively discharging  their duties to Biafra citizens both home and abroad . Next time when someone ask about IPOB road map tell  him to go home and sleep when Biafra is restored we shall wake him up for they have eyes but cannot see because of jealousy and greed against IPOB and her leadership.

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