Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter February 11, 2021

The arrival of Eastern Security Network is indispensable, appropriate when needed most to tackle insecurity caused by terrorist Fulani herdsmen in the defunct Eastern region of Nigeria in Nigeria today’s South-East and South-South geo-political zones including other parts of Nigeria, the Western part of Nigeria which is the land of Oduduwa Republic could have become a Fulani militias’ hot bed if not for Mr. Sunday Igboho resistance. 

Already, the Nigeria senate has seen the handwriting on the wall, now they knew quite well that the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB was involved with the formation of Eastern Security Network, for the first time Fulani crisis to be discuss at the plenary session of legislation, this is an indication of game over for Fulani terrorists who APC led party and Fulani gladiators are solidly behind and sponsored for Fulani expansionist movement in Biafra, Middle Belt and Oduduwa lands. Surprisingly, the same Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, most states governors accepted to have enrolled as legitimate stakeholders in their cabinet through their secretary Zubairu Ibrahim disclosed that Fulani herdsmen are relocating from South of Nigeria to Kano Ruga settlements. 

Recall, the Miyetti Allah cattle breeders association of Nigeria is a Fulani terrorist arm militia with conquest mandate. Fear of Eastern Security Network, Fulani herdsmen started evicting themselves before expiration of 14 days ultimatum to vacate Biafra forests or face the raw wrath of force out. Due to cowardice nature of Biafran politicians, self-acclaimed Igbo intellectuals won’t see anything wrong or evil concerning the Fulani herdsmen in our land, a Fulani man featured on TV program can easily boasted that every inch of land in Nigeria is under  the control of Fulani hegemony without an iota of apology likewise. 

The oil in Bayelsa also belongs to Jigawa as they claimed exceptional of Indigenous People of Biafra, no person or group of person from the defunct Eastern region of Nigeria has summon courage enough to debunk the Fulani force claimed ownership of natural endowments in Biafra soil but always hell bent to invite Fulani controlled military to kill, maim and torture her people at the expense of Fulani oligarchy.       

Initially, through IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, made it known during his broadcast over the radio that Eastern Security Network is not Biafra army, that when time ripe to unveil Biafra army that the world will stand in ovation. Rather, according to the IPOB leader, Eastern Security Network is a forest guard vis-à-vis vigilante as the West has Amotekun while Miyetti Allah is in the North respectively.

The inherit socialization by Fulani nomadic wanderers that every piece of land is Fulani ancestry heritage, will be a history within a time frame of ESN’s operation, while because Fulanis will meet their match. After all the expatiation by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, that Eastern security is not in anyway in completion of show of force with Nigeria security arm forces, but both Nigeria police and army tested their resolve at Orlu, Imo state, but were shamelessly defeated hands down. Contrary from speculation from Ebonyi state governor, Dave Umahi that destruction of illegal Fulani settlements were set ablaze by host communities, was a political lying tricks from camp of deception to make the communities under the control of Eastern Security Network vulnerable to be attack by Nigeria military than engaging Eastern Security Network in a real battle inside the forest. 

The raid against Fulani Ruga was necessitated by Eastern Security Network, it is important to correct the wrong impression pedelled by Ebonyi State governor, Engineer Dave Umahi, as a reliable source within the close door meeting that was held, the source who pleaded anonymity disclosed the sole aim of linking the destruction of Fulani settlements to villagers or host communities is because they know that the Nigeria military are handicap in military drills to withstand the Eastern Security Network and for that sole reason unarmed innocent villagers rather be attack; by so doing, people will lost their lives in replication of the same pattern and trend in Obigbo scenario, Rivers State supervised by Nyesom Wike. 

The Intel further said, Dave Umahi was under pressure from Aso-Rock and Sokoto caliphate to make the statement, so that once Nigeria military successfully attack affected communities people will likely turn against Eastern Security Network as a reason for military unprovoked killings in the affected villages. The game was to place Ebonyi state under military occupation probably, to fashion it in such a way that Eastern Security Network will not have space in Ebonyi to combat the military as the plan is to mosquito them.

This sinister, if well carried out as planned won’t risk Dave Umahi’s political ambition to aspire for Vice President in 2023 Presidential ticket. Eastern Security Network is a game changer, as every plan was truncated immediately security measures were taken into consideration without delay which left the Ebonyi state slave governor with no option than start arresting IPOB members in Uburu, Okposi, and its environ in the state, dooms day await Dave Umahi as his head will carried out in a tray coated with gold all around Biafra land to set example for others to learn who has refused to learn all this while.

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