Report From Isiukwuato Abia State 

Published On The Biafra Post

January 31, 2021

The Eastern Security Network reportedly invaded the Camp of Fulani herdsmen terrorists  in Isiukwuato chasing them away and Killing Dozens of their cows.

The Eastern Security Network which is a  security network in the Former Eastern Region of Nigeria with the mandate to protect the land against killer herdsmen.

Over the years Fulani Herdsmen has killed local indigenous People of the former Eastern Region, raping women and slitting farmers throats in their farmland. All these inhumane acts led to the formation of Eastern Security network by Nnamdi Kanu of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Isiukwuato which is a Local Government Area in Abia State seems to becoming free from Fulani hostages as Eastern Security Network begin taking over their indigenous land.

Nnamdi Kanu sharing the Video of the development said: “Video of Men at work last night across all the towns and villages of the old Bende Division especially Isiukwuato.”

#ESN has commneced the combing of parts of Isiukwuato forests last night and engagement with the enemy is ongoing and will continue until they no longer present a threat to our communities along that axis.”

“Our intel so far has revealed that those terrorising Isiukwuato are rogue elements in the Nigerian Army & Police who pass on their victims to Fulani Killer Herdsmen. #ESN shall find and neutralise these murderers and kidnappers in the coming days, be rest assured.’

Nnamdi Kanu had also queried the land freely given to Fulani herdsmen in Abia State, He  said: “Senator Orji Uzor Kalu the former Abia State governor a few years ago gave out a sizeable chunk of Igboland at Lopka for FREE to those we now know to be Fulani killer herdmen.”

“We are not in any way questioning the validity of this singular treacherous transaction but what we are demanding from the Senator is to please kindly tell us where the boundaries of this illegal settlement are.’

“It would be in the interest of peaceful coexistence of all parties concerned were he Senator Orji Uzor Kalu to, as a matter of urgency, publish the original survey plan of the size and dimension of the acreage he gave to his Fulani friends because the settlement continues to expand at an alarming rate to the detriment of surrounding villages.’

“Families have lost and continue to lose their ancestral lands to the occupants of this Fulani colony in Igboland. All enquiries directed at the Abia State Ministry of Lands has gone unanswered.”

“Also it would be helpful if Senator Orji Uzor Kalu can confirm for the world that such land for free scheme also exist in Sokoto State for the benefit of Easterners.”

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