Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter
February 01, 2021

On before now, common reasoning has substantially proven that the defunct Eastern region politicians are political serfs without influence over their masters from Northern Nigeria extraction mainly the migratory Fulani, so far as Fulani dynasty is concern in the politics of Nigeria. "Ceteris Paribus", serfs like Eastern politicians may partially enjoy free peasant but of a low class in a political settings making them mere political hustlers with no influence in a decisions making as to the affairs of the Nation.

The daily killings, raping and grabbing of lands by the Fulani herders in South-East and South-South geo-political zones are controllable if Eastern politicians worth the salt of safeguarding the lives and properties of their people but because of the present failed government perhaps, Eastern Nigerian politicians’ are just rubber stamp representatives.
Their reluctancy to stand out against the vicious deadly grip exposed their weakness to protect vulnerable communities in their jurisdictions under severe attacks by Fulani banditry. Fulani supremacy over Eastern Nigerian politicians regardless of how famous the person might be but can’t withstand its slave masters from the core North eventually, the slave Eastern politicians always reacts in the negatives otherwise its political position will be stripped off overnight without questioning.

Had South-East and South-South politicians have influence in Nigeria politics and stood firmed in their constitutional responsibilities in making sure life and property are secured, Eastern Security Network launched by the Indigenous People of Biafra would have been of no use. In that case, the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra wouldn’t have thought of unveiling a parallel security outfit outside their constitutional responsibility from the failed Fulani central government of Nigeria and her Fulani controlled security armed forces.  Contrary from insinuation by Eastern politicians that their consent was not acknowledged before establishing Eastern Security Network was nothing but an excuse to look as if they are relevant in Nigeria political circle until evidenced abounds.

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, officially wrote a letter dated 25th May, 2020, to Eastern Nigeria politicians on the need to defend their various states as enshrined in the 1999 constitution. Most Eastern politicians cowardly hang with the logic that security is exclusively within the ambit power of the Federal government of Nigeria to implement but could not boldly question the rationale behind the parallel Miyetti Allah Security Outfit from the North and Amotekun Security Outfit from the West respectively. Exceptional of the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, on line of defense; Fulani territorial force conquest is unchallengeable not even the Eastern Nigeria politicians have the courage to question the rampaging Fulani herders.

Fulani arrogantly determines who lives and who dies, they are not only born to rule they also monopolized violence in their favour because to an average Fulani man, Nigeria is their great grand father estate. Presidency is complicit once it has to do with Fulani menace, tyrant Mohammadu Buhari in an interview once said Fulani sponsored killer mercenaries are aliens on the other way round he repeatedly propagates to cede lands to Fulani foreigners for cattle ranching. It is on record not just a mere talk, Fulani once bragged that they will kill all policemen, and take over Edo State - sourced from the Vanguard Newspaper of January 23rd, 2021. Had such comment comes from other sections or ethnic group in Nigeria, it would had been, treated and dealt with as hate speech with severe punishment.

It is quite unfortunate that the Eastern Nigeria politicians are handicap, deaf to hear the plea of the masses’, and also deaf to the voice of reasoning. Eastern Security Network becomes the next available option by the Indigenous People of Eastern Nigeria left to die in hands of Fulani herdsmen and banditry as what their collective faith fated for them in Nigeria under a Fulani man rogue dispensation called Muhammadu Buhari.  Eastern Security Network modus operandi was specified during the live broadcast by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, it was made known that the nurtured security outfit was neither the Biafra army nor are they for anybody but with sole obligation to serve as a regional vigilante group vis-à-vis forest guard to secure our farm lands, stop incessant killings, raping of our young girls and mothers by the Fulani nomads.

Failure of the compromised Federal government central security armed forces to discharge their duties diligently gave room for the regional policing outfits of which Eastern Security Network remains the trusted, reliable and the peoples’ choice of security guard. Since the Eastern Security Network was officially inaugurated, insecurity in the region both in the South East and South-South have drastically reduced to a minimum level unlike when terrorists in Nigeria security armed forces and her biased operation were in charge of security in Biafra land. Eastern Security Network is a consensus peoples’ oriented security network, their systematic professional mechanism and orderliness has proved they are better of than Nigeria security armed forces.

Every group, individual is identifying with the Eastern Security Network, World Igbo Congress (WIC) is not exceptional or left out as the organization throws their support to secure all nooks and crannies of Biafra land without confrontation or interference from any quarter be it the government of the day.
To consolidate the 1969 statutory law of Nigeria that banned open grazing as implemented by Western governors, the Indigenous People of Biafra leadership gave a 14 days ultimatum to Eastern Nigeria governors to remind them of the need of enforcing their prerogative constitutional powers against open grazing should they have the courage.

Although, the South-East Governors Forum may have thought contrary on the consensus ultimatum to please their masters from the core Northern Nigeria extraction who determined their political path. But after the ultimatum, the implementation of 1969 statutory grazing ban will take preeminence by Eastern Security Network. Be that as it may, the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, has rudimentarily learnt the causes of the downfall of Hausa Kingdom known as Gobir. Gobir a centre of Hausa civilization was overrun and captured by Fulani expansionists and was renamed Sokoto caliphate.

Likewise, Nupe indigenes in Niger state, can’t boast of having Bida as their ancestral land together with the Borno state of Nigeria to which the terrorist Nigerian armed forces are helping the Boko Haram terrorist sect to capture and turn it to a Fulani empire, seriously they are under the captivity of Fulani conquistadors; and as for Illorin, the Kwara state capital, the Fulani conquistadors has long made it a Fulani empire answerable to the Emir of Sokoto caliphate instead of Ooni or Oba of Oduduwa land, Illorin now takes order from the far away Northern Nigeria and Fulanis are in charge of traditional and political leadership positions in a Yoruba land of Kwara State. The Fulani planned conquest of Eastern Nigeria region is dead on arrival with Eastern Security Network onboard, Eastern Security Network stands as a power block in charge of territorial boundaries encroachment against the marauding Fulani vandals from Sahel.

#ESN We Move!

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