Renaming Of A Town In Ebonyi State By The Fulani Land Grabbers

January 04, 2021

Fulani militias, minions and herders currently living in Ebonyi State has renamed a community called "Agbabor Isu" in Ebonyi State of Biafra land with the approval of a sellout governor of the state - Engr. Dave Umahi, who is currently vying for the position of a Vice President. Mr. Dave Umahi single handedly sold out a community land in Ebonyi State to his Fulani neo-masters from the Sokoto caliphate in order to remain relevant within the corrupt Nigerian political space.

The place sold out is called "Agbabor lsu" in Onicha Local government area of Ebonyi State, a town just after Mr. Dave Umahi hometown of Uburu by the left hand side, from description; Isu is the most closet community to Uburu and Agbabor is the ancestral land housing the community of Isu and partially Uburu. Mr. Dave Umahi, sold and gave out the land to the Fulanis' to which the Fulanis criminally renamed Agbabor to "Aruu", to which we don't know the meaning as the name has nothing to do with our existence as a people.

Just two weeks ago, a Fulani boy had a misunderstanding that would have resulted to a conflict with a nearby town boy, and the Fulani boy ran back to their camp only to come back with their Fulani killer squad and they shot sporidically and mercilessly for hours, this caused the free borns and residents of Ebonyi living within the said area  to leave their homes for safety. To the people's greatest surprise, the local government chairman sided with them, with the Eze cabinets inclusive because they are all working and using Mr. Dave Umahi's free cars. 

Agbabor people are asking for help from all concerned and conscientious people around the world especially, appealing to the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB to help them return to their ancestral land currently being occupied by Engr. Dave Umahi and his Fulani masters.
In Agbabor, there are two bushes to which the Fulanis' from no where has turned the bushes to be their home by forceful usurpation chasing away the owners of these bushes from cultivating within these places, infact it is now a home to the Fulanis' from the Sahel.

They have built more than one hundred and fifty shades/huts. They decide and determine what happens within this affected jurisdiction, the land is very big and massive land that the progenitors of Agbabor farmed on it and handed it over to their offspring for the sole purpose of inheritance but surprisingly, as a result of insatiable greed and the quest to become the vice president of Nigeria has Mr. Dave Umahi criminally handed over these Agbabor bushes to the Fulanis' to please the sultan of Sokoto since he joined APC 

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa 


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