By Anyi Kings Biafra Reporters Jan 27, 2021 

ESN is a regional security outfit launched by the leader of the indegenious people of Biafra IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu , to combat the rising insecurity in the entire eastern part of Nigeria . It's on record that every part of eastern Nigeria has in one occasion or the other witnessed or fell victim of kidnappers unwanton destruction of lives and properities mostly in the rural areas, communities , and farmland, many of our mothers and young girls raped and killed while many of our age father's are not left out as victim of murders by these criminal element, while these criminalities has in often be traceble to invading and wandering fulanis herdsmen terrorists as a gang mostly perpetrating these evil . Neither the state governors nor the presidency in the federal government level has been able to bring these killers to book and serve justice to these killer squad called fulanis herdsmen . 

It's on this note that the leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi wrote a very important appealing letter to the authorities in charge of the security of lives and properities in these region dated 15th May 2020 . A letter he addressed to all states Governor's of South East and South South Governors and her honorable House of Assembly members to enact a law and launch a regional security outfit to Protect the regions and their residents lives and properities. It was unfortunate that such holy and patriotic letter was ignored without even a reply 

 While the fulanis terrorists keep advancing in our bushes and Forest for possible take over of our land with terror and intimidations . The indegenious and peacful people remain helpless and at the mercy of terror gangs called Fulani herdsmen with increase of insecurities spreading all over the region. The IPOB leader took it upon himself self and assembled a battalions of Army of volunteers to protect the lives and properities of our people . As he lauched a regional security outfit with code name ESN Eastern Security Network. A resemblance of Amotekun in the neighboring Western part of the country Yoruba nation . While launching the security out fit . IPOB leader in a statement made public the guidelines on ESN terms of operatives 

(1 ) He made it clear that ESN is not a Biafra Army rather a regional security outfit 

(2) ESN is not after Nigeria security forces either rather Nigeria security forces should see them as an allies if truly they are proffesional and genuine in their fight against criminalities and terrorism ranvaging the country .

 3 ESN can only be seen in the bushes and Forest as they have made the protection of our farmland and our aged parents that has suffered series of attack by Fulanis terrorists their priority. 

4) They warned that while they will be focusing on their mandated duty of protection of our Forest they are not going to tolerate any kind of intimidations from any quarters be it states sponsored actors and none state sponsored actors. 

Fortunately ESN commenced their work immediately and testimonies started flooding from left and right in all part of Biafra land on how crime and insecurities are fastly reducing to zero in the region due to the brilliant work of ESN . The invading fulanis herdsmen are seen on the run and in panic a noteable incident is a viral video of Fulanis herdsmen terrorists packing out from a community in Ebonyi state . While the Nigeria security forces in their unprofessional nature expected to see ESN in the cities, towns and streets of Biafra land were disappointed as they couldn't sight even one official of ESN . 

In their desperation to see ESN for possible clampdown they Issued a statement that there is nothing like ESN as they are yet to see any ESN official or camp in the area . This warranted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader and the commander of ESN and also the great leader of IPOB to repeat himself while on live radio Biafra broadcast and said those searching for ESN should enter into any nearest bushes or forest of Biafra land to see Esn as Esn do not oprate in the cities. But they should be rest assured that they are not coming back alive if they eventually made any attept to attack them . The statement was clear and underluted. 

Here comes the beginning and the genesis of ESN vs Soldiers uprising in the peacful Orlu communities. The Nigeria Army under the Commander of the califate presidency in Assorock with the suppervision of Supreme court administrative Governor Hope Uzodima ordered some soldiers to hunt for ESN in the bushes nearby Orlu communities . 

Like as warned earlier by the leader of ESN Mazi Nnamdi Kanu . The rest is history. As those that made such suicidal attempt couldn't live to tell the story of what they saw . 

Esn operative in the video that went viral displayed the run away security forces van . In the bushes of Orlu when they attempted to attach them . This alone sound a clear warning ⚠️ to Nigeria security forces that it is no more business as usual. But Nigeria security forces with their cowardice nature refused to take no for an answer . And went ahead to do what they know best and keep invading the peacful community in Orlu in a civilian dominated area in the name of revenge mission, Killing, harassing and intimidating the innocent civilians and residents of Orlu communities while abandoning the forest where there marches are . Since the incident a reliable report has confirmed that Nigeria Army has succeeded in killing not less than seven innocent resident of Orlu community burning properties worth of millions of naira in their unholy quest to revenge the alleged killing of their corps members by ESN in the forest . 

While there are report of deaths of innocent citizens extra judicial killings and destruction of properities perpetrated by Nigeria Army in Orlu there no report of harassment of innocent lives or destruction of properities by ESN officials this goes along way to confirm that ESN are proffesional trained security outfit that knows very well the rule of engagement, unlike Unprofessional cowardice Nigeria soldiers that only specializes in extra judicial Killings of innocent and unamed citizens. 

A confirmed report has indicated that the only time ESN officials were sighted in their van is when they came for a rescue mission . As the terrorists Nigeria Army were busy ranvaging Orlu communities . Another source confirmed that Nigeria Military while they are busy harrassing innocent lives in Orlu, on their sighting ESN official on a mission to rescue lives and protect properities in Orlu from the hand of terrorists Nigeria Military , The Nigeria Army were seen fleeing the community without a fight against ESN as expected. While a source very close to Nigeria Army who do not want his name to be mentioned on telephone conversation with a soldier in Obinze Barracks confirmed that there is a preparation for a reenforcement by Nigeria Military to invade Orlu again for revenge mission as they recorded more deaths in the hand of ESN on their rescue mission when they invaded Orlu community . According to the source they are reenforcing to invade Orlu and set the community ablaze as they cannot face the power horse of the ESN in the bushes where they camp , therefore their only alternative is to take the soft target and keep invading the civilians dominated area until the public turn their anger against ESN as  their course of pridcament . He further confirmed their frustration that since their clash with ESN , ESN officials is yet to record a single death from their hand so for this reason the only option is to take their revenge from innocent civilians living in Orlu. What a cowardice options . I use this medium to call on International communities , International Humanright organization, ICC and other world powers U.S Ambassador to Nigeria , UK Ambassador to Nigeria and E.U to call the Nigeria Army to order and stop the repeat of genocide against Biafra in 1967-70 where the Nigeria Military ran Way from Biafra Army and were bombing churches, Markets places and schools committing war crime against humanity. Nigeria Army if they are not comfortable with the good work ESN are doing safeguarding our Forest from invaders 

They should go to the forest and face ESN on a combat instead of taking the cowardice options and invading the peacful community in a civilian dominated area in the name of revenge, my Appeal


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