Biafra: Governor Nyesome Wike, Who Sent The Protesting Nigerian Youths In Rivers State To The Gallows Of Golgotha? 

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October 24, 2020

Oxymoron isn't it as it sounded that Governor Nyesome Wike of River State, an Ikwerre clan of the Igbo race seems to have lost tune to reality of things happening around him and in the Nigeria larger spectrum. The said Nigerian youths protests choking the survival of the British-Nigerian state was not caused nor started by the Indigenous People of Biafra. Everyone in Nigeria with sane mind devoid of ethnic and religious bigotry can attest to the fact that these protests has nothing to do with the Indigenous People of Biafra. Why then are you playing to the ostrich by signaling the Indigenous People of Biafra to be exterminated by the terrorist Nigerian government. 

The Fulani movement in Nigeria in a well circulated press statement claimed to be the arrow head behind the Nigerian youths peaceful protests turned violent protests; they asserted in their press statement as seen and read by many, that the aim of these Nigerian youths protests is to oust the President of Rtd. Gen. Mohammadu Buhari from office who is a Fulani man and for that demand must turn the protest to a violent one, no government law enforcement agency called them to order or arrest the Fulani man that appended his name to the press release to tell the public whose his sponsors are.

Governor Nyesome Wike, Nigerian youths at large thought you are a lawyer turned politician that ought to know what civic rights are and what citizens rights are, isn't it shameful that you have failed in your capacity to discern ill bad governance in the country aggravated to the current protests by the Nigerian youths to re-write the decayed dying British-Nigerian state; Nyesome Wike your loved Nigeria and your Nigerian youths were murdered by your Nigerian armed forces. As a  legal practitioner, is it morally right for citizens of a country to be murdered by her own security armed forces or are they security armed forces fighting a war of aggression and encroachment against the Nigerian youths?.

Governor Nyesome Wike, your most cherished Nigerian youths were murdered in Lekki toll gate by your most cherished Nigerian armed forces, were the protesters bearing any insignia with Biafra on it or anything Biafra write ups?. They were simply Nigerians with everything that has to do with the Nigerian government insignia and write ups for a new better Nigeria; at first we warned them that such demands are not obtainable in Nigeria that they will be massacred by this present tyrant Mohammadu Buhari administration by making inference to the late African Afro Pop music Legendary Mr. Fela Kuti who called the Nigerian armed forces "Zombie" only good at killing innocent Nigerians for the Nigerian government to subvert the people's will. 

Governor Nyesome Wike of Rivers State as a matter of fact should desist from playing to the gallery of the disaster initiated by the Fulani Nationality Movement in Nigeria (FUNAM) which is same line of rope that the Fulani controlled Federal Government of Nigeria is towing by refusing to condemn it's massacre of innocent Nigerian youths protesters who are mostly citizens of Nigeria by births by a Fulani Secret Cell in the Nigerian Army led by Lt. Colonel S.O Bello, who is also a Fulani man, such act of repression is obtainable from them because Fulani in Nigeria is synonymous with killing their host to occupy their land. 

At the time of the Nigerian youths protests, the Indigenous People of Biafra warned her people to stay away from this protests as the "memo" to this clarion call was circulated conventionally and unconventionally to the notice of the larger public, IPOB warned that she won't come out for any of her members supporting the Nigerian youths cause as that is not in her best interest that Nigeria can be salvaged. The Nigerian youths gathered themselves from God knows where, the Nigerian government demanded for a leader, they told the Nigerian government that they have no leader but that President Mohammadu Buhari should come out and address them while they tell / convey their messages or grievances to him, what the Nigerian youths needs for quick implementation and the government failed them rather they were sent to the hanger's man, they were sent to the gallows of Golgotha. 

Governor Nyesome Wike should know that this protests is not an Igbo or IPOB thing rather it came up as what the Nigerian youths needed, anyone telling you otherwise prays for your downfall to which I implore you to rescind your Press Release on IPOB in Rivers State, you even came out to place a price tag on our Indigenous People of Biafra co-ordinator in Obigbo and that will destroy your administration beyond logic and comprehension because you are a fool. Igweocha - Rivers State do not belong to you - Mr. Nyesome Wike but the wider Igbo race to which the Igbo you came from will hunt you until you rest in grave. 

The protesting Nigerian youths suffered tremendously and unimaginably in the hands of the just disbanded Nigerian Police Force -FSARS, they took to the streets but were attacked by the same disbanded Nigerian Police Force and Fulani miscreants, thugs and minions between Oil mill-Junction and Obigbo Local Government by the directive of Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM) without provocation. Governor Nyesome Wike gibberish attitude has shown to the world how a criminal corrupt Nigerian politician acts when there are lots of evidences to buttress the Nigerian youths call to change Nigeria from her current decayed system.
The World must not give in to the false narrative as being peddled by the tyrant Mohammadu Buhari and Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State, actually nobody hijacked the #ENDSARS Protests, this is what the British Mission in Nigeria - Mrs. Catolina Liang told there selfish and greedy politicians to do so as to change the narrative of unfolding events in Nigeria. 

The protesters resorted to violence because of the state sponsored extra judicial killings meted out against the them - the Nigerian youths by the Police who were see  shooting live amunnitions at the protesting Nigerian youths and by the Fulani hirelings, thugs, miscreants and the Fulani Secret Cell in the Nigerian Military formation that massacred protesters at Lekki Tollgate, that is what led to the riotous and violent actions and uprising that the world is witnessing in Nigeria. Evidence of these abounds to the shame of those trying to sweep things under the carpet of ignominy and wickedness. These are enemies of humanity and mankind. 

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle:@NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa 


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