Biafra: [Rejoinder]: Mallam Garba Shehu, Whose Tribe Men Is Mowing Christians Life In Today's Nigeria?

Editorial: Biafra Reporters | The Biafra Post | June 21, 2020

Art-work depicting the Fulani killings of Christians in Nigeria
Mallam Garba Shehu - The Presidential Media and Publicity Spokesman to the late Nigerian President Gen. Muhammadu Buhari's government without shame claimed that there are/is no Christians killings in Nigeria. One thing with this government is to lie and the other is to scout around to galvanized their lies. Ever since the inception of this Buhari administration cum rogue regime, Nigeria has drifted from one killings to another. The spate of killings in today's Nigeria has accelerated to the level that Nigeria existence must be questioned by men of goodwill and conscientious people of the world.

Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari on assumption of power cowardly bombed a community in Akwa Ibom State, a Biafra Province with the world's outlawed napalm bombs because they are Christians in order to have free flow of oil from this area and also instil fear in the minds of the villagers. The Indigenous People of Biafra is not instigating no government of the world as was erroneously stated against the Nigerian government by Mallam Garba Shehu but IPOB were stating the obvious facts that weaklings who called themselves men in today's Nigeria cannot say or speak up. Mallam Garba Shehu, are you also not aware that through the Late Abba Kyari, the de-facto President of Nigeria used the Nigerian Military, DSS, NPF to mow the lives of IPOB members in a killer exercise codenamed "Operation Python Dance and Crocodile Smile"?

Why these men cannot speak up is because they have all compromised in all facet of life, the Fulani has taken power upon themselves to massacre every Nigerian at will with great impunity and with the backing of late Gen. Muhammadu Buhari government who is an Islamic religious belief bigot. For your like to quickly run to the print and online media houses to display your stupidity coupled with ignorance, and lack of goodwill for the teeming Nigerian Christian masses, has gone to show that really you are part of this evil grand deception plan to wiped out Christians in Nigeria. Since you Mallam Garba Shehu have decided not to speak the truth in order to cover the many evils of this Buhari Christian killings regime, Biafra Reporters will help unveil and unravel your type of person for the world to see.

Mallam Garba Shehu we know is doing a hatchet job that he is well paid for to do. Mallam Garba Shehu's intention is to influence and harm the progress the Indigenous People of Biafra leadership has made so far by exposing the many evil and unnecessary killings going on in Nigeria today unreported because everyone in today's Nigeria is afraid of the Fulani except the Indigenous People of Biafra. Can this man called Mallam Garba Shehu please announce to the public; in whose administration was a Christian woman killed in Abuja for professing her Christian faith?Mrs. Eunice Olawale of the Redeem Christian Church was murdered by tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's misguided brothers and nothing happened till date.

The Plateau State 2018 massacre was carried out by the Fulani herdsmen. That mayhem took the untimely death of eighty-six (86) Christians faithfuls. Kaduna State 2018 Christians killing was carried out by the Fulani herdsmen in Adara which led to the sudden death of fifty-five (55) Christian faithfuls of Adara community. In Zamfara State in 2019, Fulani herdsmen attached and killed twenty-six (22) Christian faithfuls in a Christian dominated area of Zamfara. 2019 in Agatu Benue State, the Fulani herdsmen killed seventeen Christians faithfuls in order to take their land, 2019 in Kajuru Kaduna State, Fulani herdsmen killed forty four (44) Christian faithfuls, in Gwer West of Benue State 2019, Fulani herdsmen killed Sixteen Christian farmers. Aungwan Kaduna State 2019, Fulani herdsmen killed thirty-five (35) Christian Southern Kaduna faithfuls, Birnin Gwari Kaduna State, 2019, Fulani bandits killed seventeen Christian faithfuls of the mentioned town. In Maro Kajuru of Kaduna State 2019, Fulani herdsmen killed fifty-two (52) Christian faithfuls. Nandu Gbok of Kaduna State 2019, Fulani herdsmen killed ten (10) Christian faithfuls, 2019 in Guma Benue State, Fulani herdsmen killed ten (10) Christian faithfuls. In Tegina Kabata 2020, Fulani herdsmen killed twelve (12) Christians and many more on the list.

Mallam Garba Shehu is it not in the news that the governor of Kaduna State - Mallam El-Rufai ransomed the Fulani herdsmen to stop their killings of which even through that money, they procured more arms and increased their killing spree. Mallam Garba Shehu is it also not in the news that tyrant Muhammadu Buhari rogue regime ransomed the Fulani herdsmen with twenty billion naira in order to procure more arms and kill with impunity. Boko Haram and other terrorist sects are not exceptional to this financial incentive that came from this government. Mallam Garba Shehu can pretend all he likes but truth must prevail.

The Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria - CAN Adamawa Chapter - Mr. Lawan Adimini was recently kidnapped by the Boko Haram sect and murdered in cold blood for refusing to denounce his Christian faith, Leah Sharibu a Christian girl child is still in the net of Boko Haram sect as a sex slave. How about the calculated killings of Christian soldiers in the Nigerian Military by the Boko Haram sect; who is divulging coded information about the Christian soldiers to the terrorist sects operating in the North? Fulani bandits kidnapped and murdered four seminarians in Kaduna for their Christian faith and what is Mallam Garba Shehu blabbing about?.

A sane man cannot and will never live in the same space with the blood tasty Fulanis because they don't have value for human lives but rather, that of a cow is considered precious to this backward race. The Fulani long quest to forcefully take over Nigeria using every hands of terror and government backup in Nigeria will not work out for them or stand. It is game over for them. Mallam Garba Shehu can rant all he wants, what matters at this point in time in our history is that the world is keenly interested to know as to what is happening in Nigeria today concerning the Killing of Christians unreported.

The division of Nigeria or a simple referendum will put a stop to this Fulani slaughter house.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle:@NdubuisiEke07

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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