Biafra: Before South-South And Niger Delta What Was Your Name?

By Kelechi Okorie | The Biafra Post
June 21, 2020

A woman carrying her baby, looking-on a poluted land in Niger Delta
Back in the days in high school, we students hardly concentrate on related borrowed culture of adopting a new course like borrowing of courses like anthropology and geography; students always gave one excuse or the other why the course wasn’t necessary. The fact was no one was neither interested to learn its origin nor go back to its ancestral ways of life, due to fabricated errors of omission, filtered imported socialize religious beliefs that our African traditions were evil. The wrong impression against one's progenitor’s root and cultural identity were made to be believed as evil which militate against students devoting their time to study anthropology and other borrowed courses on culture.

Variably and invariably, all our thoughts then was to work in oil firms where we can drink as much oil money as we can with well equipped finished office without knowing we were doing ourselves more harm than good. After all said were done, Fulani quota system from Futa Jalon without no history of formal education and skill know-how controls all the oil wells in Biafra land today. Our ordinary cultural identity is being obliterated, hardly today you see a defendant of our collective heritage today in the defunct Eastern Nigeria. It affected us to be neither here nor there, even to be ingrained with ancestral home practices is phantom because most of us were born in urban cities known today as abroad, Lagos and Northern parts of Nigeria, for that purpose holistic ethnographic tradition of one’s progenitors are ignored which as for sure affected us all to ascertaining our descendant, our family tree, whom we are and where we are heading to without guiding our history.

As funny as history is, without one’s cultural identity one will conceive any garbage or name given to him by his oppressors, just because we are ignorant of our ancestral lineage, family tree, marriage linkage and history as a people how we evolved today to from a community, village and town with a given name. Frankly speaking, those that deny their history are doomed to repeat the past mistakes consciously or unconsciously. Only a furry fandom can claim to be a proud abominable negro name like Nigeria. The name alone doesn’t connotes with the indigenous lexicon likewise does it match with the descendants' root.

Naming has significant literal meaning like the insignificant literal meaning like Nigeria and Niger Delta, it is also naive of someone to consume hypothetic advice from a jejune irrespective of age, hence foolish youths grow old too. They distort misleading accounts from those that ought to have known better that has derailed the present generation out of shape, seen a critical vulnerable Biafrans from Biafra coastal hemisphere parading self as a South-South indigene was caused by wrong socialization. Ordinarily, in geography only a mentally misnomer and backward half educated intellectual believed to come from a region named South-South in as much as such garbage doesn’t exist in world Atlas and her cardinal points.

To drive home the theme of the massage, when was South-South created? What was your name before the concocted name South-South? What is the purpose of the name South-South when it was created? Since the South-South was created what benefits has the region gained and its shortcomings? Does the name South-South sound like an indigenous name?

While pondering on the above mentioned questions it shall help resetting paralyzed brains to appreciate the fact that the Indigenous People of Biafra is making headway to unify every clan in Biafra land to follow the path of truth. Jack Yakubu Gown main aim of boundaries demarcations were to weaken the indivisibility strength of Biafra as a nation not to better your lives they have chained in misery and penury.

No need stretching much or digging dip to history as such; during the Nigeria first republic, her political settings, the both enslaved names South-South and South-East were referred to as Eastern Region. The creation of South-South in 1976 and the hurriedly formation of Ohaneze Ndigbo after the Biafra genocidal war, was carried out by the then military Head of State cum arch genocidist, Jack Yakubu Gowon. Six years after; South-South and Ohaneze Ndigbo have similar affinity of destabilization of Biafra land with Fulani dummies appointed as leaders. Both the South-South and Ohaneze Ndigbo self-acclaimed elders, intellectuals are mostly devastating embodiment of contagious pestilence in the region.

Fulani oligarchy planted them as seeds of discord for their self aggrandizements. These pestilence self-acclaimed elders caused the coastal region of Biafra vehemently to become victims of boundaries adjustment even those in Idoma, Igboakiri, Igala and some parts of Ondo and Benue State respectively. The rate of environmental spillages in this South-South is unprecedented whereas, upland region is severely strangulated economically courtesy of Fulani happy house slave elders.

Reasoning differentiates humans from animals. If the advocates of today Nigeria is unacceptable to all based on the abominable concocted white man name with neither indigenous lexicon and consent, so are South-South and Niger Delta advocates also have questionable mentality.

Oceanography and Limnology as an "Aquatic Course" in the University defined the word “Delta” as the area of low, flat land shape like triangle where a river splits and spread out into several branches [tributaries], before entering the sea. Common reasoning entails many nations have delta in their places. Sane mind ask - does it mean any nation with a river that splits out into several branches [tributaries], before entering the sea, interrelated with Niger Delta in South-South? Is Niger Delta interrelated with Mississippi Delta or the Nile Delta?

If no, only Biafra saves, the divide and rule strategy employed by Jack Yakubu Gown through boundaries adjustment was to plant a seed of hatred, discord amongs the Indigenous People of Biafra inhabiting this land of Biafra. The bight of Biafra was named by our progenitors depicting that one is either departing or coming into Biafra through her water bight and not the bight naming us, because the Fulani Janjaweed knew that Biafra represent the epitome of light in Africa while Nigeria, South-South and Niger Delta was orchestrated by forces of darkness to create vacuums in Biafra territory.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle:@NdubuisiEke07

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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