Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter May 02, 2020 The words loot and cracy that formed the borrowed word known as "lootocracy" is extracted from the word loot, and the term loot mean to steal, plunder or rob people in the open without conscience and fear of what the outcome might be while cracy is defined or mean a particular system of government in practice; Pluto defined lootocracy as "a corrupt political system of government in which the elites fraudulently help themselves to share money or resources intended for the betterment of the people and other useful purposes then burn down every accessible documents that will lead to probing them and maybe subsequently jail them if found corrupt by their actions and inactions while serving the people. In Nigeria, lootocracy means a Northern Nigeria Fulani rogue corrupt system of loot and burn down the accessible documents and building run by Fulani Almajiri system of government where the state National treasury is renders bankrupt, emptied and live on external borrowing as the only panacea for state National budget funding. Unlike democracy, as government of the people by the people and for the people. Lootocracy is a Fulani political kleptomaniac opportunists in various public positions without having anything to offer other than sharing of looted National funds among the Fulani cabals on daily basis without remorse or second thought. This system of government by the Fulanis' is both Military wise and terrorism oriented methodological approach that muzzle down objective criticisms and confiscation of reasoning. It is proactively Fulani civil Military looting mechanism, it can be trace as far back as in the year 1960, after the deceptive Nigeria flag of Independence; the British government colonial masters handed political power over to their preferred Fulani puppets and perfect house slaves to continue with the neo-colonial imperial system of government where the socio-political economy of the British laboratory experiment named Nigeria depends on Asia and European aids for survival. Every Fulani public office holders are in a business of looting, very smart in quota system to climb high public positions is ingrained with the aim of looting the National treasury dry. These Fulani political looters are provocatively rich beyond imagination, her elitism depends on loot and kleptomaniac tendency. Fulanis' are more corrupt personified, more corrupt than corruption itself. Mostly, they rigged themselves into power as anti-corrupt crusaders but ends up vindicated as arch looters, then turn around persecuting oppositions or individuals with contrary views in pretence of fighting corruption. The Devil is a learner when it comes to Fulani kleptomaniac, hardly you see a Fulani political criminal without illegally owning oil blocks in Biafra land. Yusuf Mohammadu Buhari, the ever corrupt son of late tyrant Muhammadu Buhari is the fourth Africa richest man, what, where and how he makes his money remains skeptic, seems he neither have worked in his entire life nor employer of labour. How about the Halliburton bribe scandals that indicted Aisha Buhari, is never a new news to make headlines for public perusal. Surprisingly, Nigerians have easily forgot that Aisha Buhari is banned from stepping her foot in the US soil because of her indictment on Halliburton bribe scandal but foolishly the kleptomaniac APC -tyrant Muhammadu Buhari led rogue regime has the temerity to probe Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the foolish Fulanis' with the help her Yoruba brown envelope pocketed journalists are asking Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and wife to make their accounts and properties available for confiscation, it is like kettle calling pot black. The grand patron of all Fulanis' looters Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, before his death was unable to account for millions of dollars that went missing either as misappropriation or mismanagement under his stewardship as the Nigerian government Petroleum Task Force Chairman, even during his reign as President cum Petroleum Minister has nobody question him to account for, where all the excess crude oil funds are kept; very pathetic, till this moment every single Fulani man or woman at the corridors of power had implicated him/herself by the continuous looting of the state treasury unabated and thereafter set everywhere ablaze. The recent magical reinforce loot and burn down strategy by myopic Fulani Janjaweed political minions is out of control. The Fulanis' purposedly managed to set on fire the office of the Accountant General of the Nigerian Federation was a grand plan to burn down every accessible documented trace of cash inflows and outflows of the three hundred and twelve #312 billion naira government cut off Capital Projects, Corporate Affairs Commission and Central Bank of Nigeria CBN -Jos infernos are all means of embezzlement and diversion of public funds without trace for probe. It is on record that under tyrant Muhammadu Buhari as the President of Nigeria, more than eleven billion one hundred thousand #11.1 billion was squandered, the thirteen billion nine hundred thousand 13.9 naira meant for Aso Rock Medical clinic cannot afford to purchase ordinary syringe and paracetamol; it also documented that under APC rogue corrupt kleptomania regime, animals in a broad-day light swallowed monies meant for capital projects hence animals cannot be sued to court, the looted funds became a tale of stone ages. It sounds ridiculous that the same Fulani arch looters of the Nigerian state treasury are busy accusing others of corruption. Mr. Nuhu Ribadu, the Former Chairman of the Petroleum Revenue Task Force was culprit of public fund loot. Inspite of their incompetency, to the Fulanis every portfolio in Nigeria is an avenue to loot, this lootocratic system gives Fulani upper hands to concentrate appointments amongst the Fulani caprices making them to control all corporate commissions including security and other arms of government. Farida Waziri, the Former Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s boss was sacked by Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as a result of her systematic looting strategy despite the power of her office that is ought to be ideal fighting and curbing the menace of corruption was found corrupt that the system she represent. Extra ordinary looters of modern century Sani Abacha, Umari Dikko, Ibrahim Badamosi Babagida and Abdusami Abubakar respectively, no book on earth can contain their looting profiles. No two ways about it, it is impossible to mention one Fulani and Yoruba public officer holder without the enlistment of he or her public looting profiles. Farouk Lawan was a Former Chairman of the Ad hoc Committee on fuel subsidy, as criminally minded he was, he demanded the sum of three million US dollars ($3miillion), bribe from Femi Otedola of which six hundred and twenty thousand US dollars ($620.000), was handed over to him through the help of the Department of State Security DSS and all of them are walking freely living large with public funds embezzled. Funny enough how the Fulani APC rubber stamp political criminals are not ashamed using COVID-19 as a means of extorting international organizations in pretence of fighting against the pandemic but stupidly stretched out malicious accused fingers to Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's wife - Patience Goodluck Jonathan and Mrs. Diezani Alison Maduke, the Former Petroleum Minister both from Biafra land while they preserve their own loot merchants as saints. Come rain come shine the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is at the forefront to expose all Fulani public funds looters if they dare our strength and exposition of them, only if an unbiased International Independent National anti-corruption panel of inquiry is set up to probe all Fulani criminals anything short of that both Patience Jonathan and Diezani Alison Maduke are untouchable from the uncircumcised Fulani bestialities but Fulanis' can do whatever they like, wish with Lauretta Onochie because she is certified prostitute of no class and shame.

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