Biafra: [Rejoinder, Femi Adesina]: Nigeria Disintegration Is Imminent

By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter
May 29, 2020

One Nigeria is dead; being pretentious won’t redeem her from the already drowned, no matter what. Had Nigerian leaders being reasonable enough the present declining condition ought to have been averted long before now, but their sterile psyches to apply precautious measures change the narratives to be odd. Nigeria has fallen, she can’t eat her cake and have it, and her rude sophisticated approached backfired appropriately. Both insurgency and agitations may not have had light of the day, had the Nigerian government managed it diplomatically.

Unlike Nigeria, advanced nations are vehemently at forefront using peace and conflict resolution strategy to resolve every nation’s threatening barrier. Cohesive flaw by mediocre Nigerian leaders to validate bordering national issues brought about the unprecedented irreparable total decimation of Nigeria existence. Boko haram menace may not have come to this ugly scenario had the outspoken Islamic Scholar Yusuf Mohammed, was not murdered by the Nigerian government and the sect won’t have metamorphosized into life threatening terrorist gloom group if only had the kill and bury government did the needful.

The Islamic cleric was partially radical yes! and peaceful enlightening his followers about Islamic studies and way of life, Nigerian government on their stupidity thought it as threat, got him arrested and killed him including his children without court trials or redress and in the process before they could imagine the evil they committed the ably second in command Shakau Abubakar, vowed with the last drop of his blood to levy war against Nigeria. It is only in Nigeria the government feels too big to call for dialogue till everyone is drench by the rain, the same is playing out again against prominent minority Shia Muslims whose leader Ibrahim Yaqoub El Zarkzaky, has been in detention since 14th Dec, 2015, till date and everyone pretends as if nothing happened.

Should this peaceful Shia movement turns violent tomorrow it becomes another canker worm on the throat militating the breath of respiratory system to every Nigerian. Nigeria keeps failing to learn from history, no country has ever won dual war fronts at the same time, it is on record, every idiosyncratic sect either conventional or unorthodox in Nigeria started as a peaceful movement, but the rogue Nigerian government always give out fire and brimstone to held and subdue submission approaches without mutual cohesiveness between the distinct parts or forces always irreconcilably drawn the country towards oblivion.

Biafra is an ideology that can’t be defeated with guns and bullets; but by engaging with Biafra stakeholders peacefully will somehow calm the sleeping heart lions down for quiet dissolution of Nigeria. IPOB as consistent as they are, have gone beyond the rubicon to contemplate quitting the struggle having succeeded in impacting the needful to the younger generations what the Biafra ideology and struggle is all about. Northern elders “Dialogue Group” by Alhaji Mohammed Mahadi Shehu’s call to divide Nigeria, was another call for reasoning to avert another impending bloodbaths that shall sweep all over entire Nigeria, if only the leaders have foresight. Besides, nothing is special about Nigeria disintegration and her worthless size.

If the then super power like Union of Soviet Socialist Republic USSR, in 1991 disintegrated into fifteen [15] nations, heaven didn’t fall. The post-soviet states today are waxing stronger as Independent sovereign states; Nigeria must urgently queue up with unbiased sovereign national conference for peaceful disintegration. There are no value system upholding the Nigerian unity, cultural, race, foods, beliefs, heritage and religion differs from one region to the other. So Nigeria should observe the way of referendum or peaceful disintegration.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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