Compiled by Comr Nwawube Ezeobi, Comr Ezeobi Jonel | The Biafra Post
May 28, 2020

1. There will be no idolatry in Biafra land, we will never worship any God born of a woman in Biafra land.

2. Is only IPOB that is fighting for all of you in Biafra land for over ten months now.

3. Almajiri is protesting in Delta State, in Igbo land calling on Federal government to come to their aid.

4. Once Biafra is free Africa will learn from us.

5. You live in America and your land was under siege. You are doing nothing, maybe tomorrow white Police will sit on your neck then you die.

6. When they were killing us in the Feudal North, did you see channels TV reporting it?.

7. Once Biafra stand, all these their Feudal Janjaweed will fizzle away.

8. Fulani knows that when Biafra is free, their backwardness will be exposed to the world.

9. We have enemies, not just the Fulani Janjaweed but all over the world.

10. Only IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu is holding these enemies down all over the world

11. We have enemies, some you can see and some you cannot see. We have enemies even in Australia government and VOA.

12. Fulani is in your village and you are doing sense, your useless sense.

13. All your stupidity and jealousy doing is emboldening the enemies to come into our land.

14. VOA cancelled my interview because I couldn't speak Hausa language and I told them to hell with them.

15. Do you know how many people the Zoo (Nigeria Government) bribe to stop the restoration of Biafra?.

16. White people are as corrupt as black people but they do it in a subtle way.

17. Fulani are saying they have the right to live in our land, in our bushes and forests when we go to North we rent houses and live.

18. Fulani are saying Igbos live in the North, so they have the right to live anywhere.

19. Our people in USA only contributed forty ($40,000) thousand dollars and twenty thousand ($20,000) dollars out of it was contributed by four (4) women.

20. Somebody came to me and ask me to come and become the governor, I told him I am not interested in their politics.

21. Anybody making post against IPOB is Janjaweed Almajiri supporter. Even you liking and sharing it is enemy of progress.

22. Grown-up Men in America going from one meeting to the other gossiping while their land is on fire in Ebonyi.

23. We have BBC Igbo but they are not reporting all that is happening in our land, all they knew is gossip.

24. If you have anything to give, go to world Igbo Congress and give it to them.

25. If you think am going to massage your ego, you are talking rubbish, there is nothing like Niger Delta. Historically, geographically and even common sense.

26. Our young men are dying fighting the same elements the Fulani political Janjaweed created (Boko Haram).

27. I tell you the truth and it doesn't mean I hate you. Igbo people think they are wise.
Ako na Uche are not the same thing.

28. They have opportunity to kill me, if Elohim destined that I would be dead by now, I would be dead.

29. We have destroyed the zoo, ask them who is fighting them in Ebonyi, who defeated them in Anam, who is still fighting them (Fulani) in Ebonyi.

30. Men are waiting for command, are you aware of that?.

31. Those in America, your traditional leaders are selling your lands to the Fulani Janjaweed.

32. How can we be kind to you Nnia Nwodo whereas you were at Nike resort hotel in Enugu scheming for my death. If not for Bishop Anikwenwa and some respectable men, you would have condemned IPOB at Nike hotel. We have the video

33. If you want to see Biafra this year, all of you must go and join Twitter, you must tweet and and retweet.

34. Aso Rock is empty, that is our gateway.

35. All those lies they told you from Ijaw and co that Igbo man is your problem, I am exposing them now that Igbo man is not your problem, your problem is the man incharge of your oil.

36. If you want Igbo people to listen to something, go and meet a Yoruba Pastor to say it, they will pay attention and say it is the gospel.

37. I can never compromise, never ever, I can never stop until Biafra is restored. Those around me knows, those that died in my house knows and that is why they gave their lives so we can continue and get Biafra free.

38. The Chief of Air Staff came out to say they are loyal to Presidnt Buhari. Why would he come out to say that, if that office(Aso Rock) is not under threat. Why will you be loyal to the commander in Chief which the constitution asserted?. Common sense.

39. IPOB doesn't belong to me, it belongs to Chukwu Okike Abiama in heaven.

40. Elohim told me don't beg anybody to join Biafra instead tell them the bitter truth.

41. Before our elders tell history to the children but today reverse is the case.

42. The spirit of our fathers they killed in the battle field told me to go and get Biafra for them.

43. By the time we are done with the Fulanis' in Biafra land the Hausas' will rise up and drive all of them away from their land.

44. When I was in the prison Ohanaeze never come to see me but every other groups came to see me.

45. In IPOB, We have nothing but we move mountains.

46. Pa.Edwin Clark must apologize publicly for sabotaging Biafrans during the genocidal war.

47. Madam Oyibo gave us hundred ($100,000) thousand dollars today to show support on what IPOB is fighting for.

48. I will be live on air on Saturday 30th May for our Heroes Remembrance Day not to Preach but to Pray for they departed.

49. Nobody should give money to any IPOB officer in the United States in my name.

50. Our women should be in charge of our accounts all over the world.

51. We are in the media war.

52. These idiots think that if they say Biafra is an online country, we will abandon what we are doing.

53. They drove Minaj from the media, now they want to do the same to us on social media.

54. What is the meaning of PANDEF in Ibibio, Urhobo?. Give us a name that binds you together historically.

55. The North always say we the North because they know there is strength in unity.

56. Aso Rock is empty, if you doubt go and ask your Daddy G.O's because they knows. Aisha is in a revenge mission.

57. Nigeria’s Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Abubakar Sadique, has said that the Air Force is loyal to President Muhammadu Buhari.
It is unclear why the Air Chief is reassuring President Buhari of NAF loyalty.

58. Our people are dying in Bonny. They ate poisoned fish.

59. The people that gave them the audacity to do what they are doing is those of you saying you are not a Biafran.

60. Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM), has claimed that Nigeria belongs to them. Go and Google it.

61. Is there oil in Benue state?. Yet I know that our people are in Benue.

62. What I'm doing today is what Nnamdi Azikiwe should have done. Look for your brothers and sisters everywhere.

63. Those that keep telling you that Igbo people are your problem are driving flashy cars in Abuja.

64. Aisha Buhari is on a revenge mission of how Chief of Staff Late Mallam Abba Kyari humiliated her.

65. For humiliating Aisha Buhari, they are under threat of been sacked.

67. I want people to tell me how an unelected woman brought in her lover broad day light into Aso Rock.

68. If Aisha Buhari is not in charge of the Zoo, why would she call for a cabinet meeting in Aso Rock?.

69. Can the armed forces in the United States say that they are loyal to Trump?. It means there is trouble.

70. They go to their useless Pastors and they tell them let us pray for Nigeria. Now there is infighting in Aso Rock.

71. If IPOB/Mazi Nnamdi Kanu didn't stop exposing the emptiness in Aso Rock, we better go into war so that the world will be talking about the war but not who is in Aso Rock.

:::::::::::::::::: Closing Remark::::::::::::::
Biafra is our religion, Radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama is our God.
From me from here it is Good evening.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

Published by Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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