Compiled By Comr Nwawube Ezeobi, Comr Ezeobi Jonel | Biafra Post May 26, 2020 Intro ===} As tradition demands, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu renders thunderous prayers to heaven. 1. We are going to preach without prejudice. I will start this evening by dissecting the stupidity of an Igbo man. Do you want me to beg you, so you can defend your land?. Are you not foolish?. 2. We had a whole year to plan the war, until the war came, we start running around, five Million souls already layed dead. Same thing is happening now. 3. People are not cooperating, that is why only five thousand (5000), European men took over Africa. 4. Nzeogwu, Ironsi, and Azikiwe, they were all born in the feudal North, and fought for one Nigeria. 5. People don't want to associate with Arochukwu because of slavery, this is one of the reasons why God is angry with us. 6. Most of the settlements in Ikwerre are people sold into slaves and they were their till the end of slavery. 7. God anger have been with us for a long time. 8. Due to our individualism, we are where we are today. It is a very sober broadcast this evening. 9. They have tested their first Bomb in Imo State, two persons died. You know they installed their boy Hope Uzodimma there. 10. We are the miscreants but those who are doing the killings, Nnia Nwodo exonerated them. 11. Five million people died because there was no plan, the same thing that happened then is happening now, fifty solid years, Igbos have learnt nothing only claiming intellectuals. 12. A white man have shame, honour and integrity, black man have none that is the difference between a white man and a black man. 13. I begged you to donate one dollar each in Los Angeles, somebody asked why, I said it is because we need to prepare. Did you do it?. They were thinking if all of us contribute dollar each, Nnamdi Kanu will have millions now. Now Fulanis' are in your place. 14. Most of you in America are not spiritual, if you are you will know why Elohim sent you to America. 15. The love you have for your nation is the greatest love and your willingness to sacrifice to keep your nation progressing, not like the zoo. 16. Fulani Janjaweed went as far as Madagascar to bring drugs. 17. Every blessed day, Fulani Janjaweed is telling you, showing you they hate you. 18. Elohim will give us Biafra, what we will do to you people in America, the world will wonder, I say my thing laud and clear so that your envy will increase. 19. In 1967 we lost five million souls and in the year 2020, you are still doing the same thing. 20. Let me see anyone that say he is contesting for election, then you will buy rice and beans, today those you want to vote for you have their lives under threat and you can't do no anything 21. Every four years, they come out and ask you to vote for us and they will later stall whoever they like in Abuja. 22. I wonder what our ancestors will be thinking of you people right now. Serve your people and you are asking what you are going to gain. 23. In 2009 I told those in the north one day they will kill you and you will abandon all your properties. 24. Fulani hates you because Nzeogwu killed Ahamdu Bello. Nzeogwu was trying to save Nigeria. 25. Elohim please give us Biafra so we can set example with those stingy bastard in America. 26. They cannot learn from Kosovo and Armenia. 27. We are fighting for our freedom at the most difficult time, where there is no trust, the little trust left was destroyed by Uwazuruike. 28. Defending our land is a collective effort. You want me to beg you before you can rise up and defend your land. When George Washington was fighting for America, did he have to beg people to join?. That is the America you are enjoying. 29. There will be no movement on 30th May, atleast till its noon. 30. If you truly believe in something, I don't think anything anybody say will make you change your stand. 31. Our goal is simply to get Biafra. 32. You cannot see a Christian or Muslim renouncing their faith. People don't know that Biafra is a religion. 33. You said somebody insulted you and because of that you cannot fight for Biafra again but Almajiri have been in your village killing since 1945. Peter was crucified upside down in Rome, did it stop them?. 34. Once you defend them on the ground, Britain will give them aircraft to bomb you, we need weapons that can get down their aircrafts. 35. Any day they start killing and you retaliate, you will see them bombing your homes. 36. As we speak, Kaduna Christians are being massacred, the news broke out this evening. 37. Indigenous Christian communities in Southerner Kaduna, Seven [7] local government Area are being slaughtered. 38. An Igbo man in America is praying that the Fulanis' will come and kill us so he will come back and take the land belonging to the uncles wife. 39. There are Fulani native doctors in Ogbunike. Traitors in Ogbunike because of Money sold out lands to Fulani herdsmen. 40. I cannot sit behind this microphone and speak lies, we will get all of you selling the land of your ancestors in Ogbunike to those killing us. 41. The traditional ruler is now dead, any traditional ruler giving land to Fulani, let's warn you all now, you are finished. 42. I don't know what you people are doing with petty change, what is this madness all about, why are you people so foolish, because of money you betrayed your nation. 43. The PG of Ogbunike is in trouble. 44. The Ogbunike Eze in council, you catch them live selling land to Fulani herdsmen and they are still lying. 45. Nnia Nwodo knows absolutely nothing about our culture, people are selling land to Fulanis' and he is quiet because they have all compromised. Nnia nwodo is complicit in the selling of land to Fulani herdsmen. 46. Nnia Nwodo is a criminal. I have an uncontroversial facts about their dealings. We don't accuse anybody without proofs. 47. Ohaneze claimed sometime ago that Igbo miscreants hides under Fulani herdsmen to commit crime. Nnia Nwodo said Igbo miscreants hides under herdsmen to kidnap and kill people. That was exactly what their Fulani masters told him to say. 48. Is Nnia Nwodo is telling us that we are the ones raping and killing our mothers in the farm?. You see why we are angry. You see why we cannot respect such efulefus. 49. We are the miscreants and the Fulani herdsmen in our land are the saints Yusufs. 50. Unless it's marriage, we never plan ahead and that is why Fulani Janjaweed is trooping into our land. 51. We destroyed everything that those who fought for Biafra accomplished due to our selfishness. 52. Those who are close to Obiano must advice him, that it is better for all the Governors on our land to work together. 53. Those barriers must come down, to allow people to mingle and travel around. 54. You listened to the Fulani Janjaweed and they have given you a new identity. 55. Due to our individualism, we are where we are today. 56. We are the miscreants but those who are doing the killings, Nnia Nwodo exonerated them. 57. Have you asked what Miyetti Allah use the hundred billion naira #100, 000,000,000 for? They use it to buy lands in our land and weapons. 58. We sold our own people, and that i's why God turned against us, not just idol worshipping. 59. Go to Ukwa, our land is gone. What you will see there is the mud house of the Fulani Invaders. 60. America after the war gave money for the rebuilding of Germany, that is why God love the White man. 61. This is for those of you from Owerri in the U.S, they have started detonating bombs in Owerri as a trial. 62. That was how we sold our people to Arab first, then white people. That is how God cursed Africa. 63. The British and U.S High commissioners in Nigeria, their bags are full of bribe. Prof Ejiofo is the only one in World Igbo Congress with Common sense. 64. In that $1 account do you know how much is there? $37,000. You know me I don't hide anything. 65. When Muhammadu Buhari was alive, did he take any picture with Aisha Muhammadu Buhari apart from the day he was sworn in?. 66. There is an existing UN registered organisation which is World Igbo Congress. Submit your Igbo minded letter to them and they will submit it to UN. 67. We preach the truth, you may not like it, you may not believe it but it will happen. 68. In a country without President and Vice President but the are busy lobbying "INTERPOL" to stop me. They want Mohammed Adamu to become the head of "INTERPOL" in order to fight IPOB. 69. I told the Zoo, for the sake of IPOB, God will destroy Nigeria. 70. Elohim said I will pay a huge price, I said I will give anything. 71. Nobody love our people more than we do. I don't want any President, I don't want anything from you. All I want is Biafra freedom. 72. My father and my mother are in heaven watching and you think I can abandon Biafra. 73. Where is Burutai?. 74. What Ogbunike PG have done is sacrilegious in our land. 75. God is so angry with Igbo land that he want to use Fulani to punish them. Father please forgive us, we will cleanse Biafra land once you give us Biafra. 76. When we speak the TRUTH, they say we are attacking Yoruba pastors. Pray for One Nigeria in Yoruba land, not in our land. 77. In the North, there is no North North but in the South, there is South South. Do you see the stupidity in our people?. 78. Isoko is Igbo land. Are you aware of that?. Go and do your research. 79. PANDEF is now writing to Presidency over omission from NNPC board , and I ask?. Are you having fun with one Nigeria?. 80. Tell Enahoro that we are not interested in that useless restructuring. 81. We will have referendum and if you don't want to belong to Biafra bye bye. Anyday Fulani attack you, we won't come. 82. Benin!, Igodomigodo is their real name and Oba is a Benin word, not a Yoruba word. 83. In Biafra what ever you have belong to you, what ever is Igbo, Izon, Ogoni, Urhobo ltshekiri, lsoko, Efik, Oron, lgede, lgala, belong to each of them. 84. Are Fulanis' the best Petrochemical engineers?. The answer is no but they occupy NNPC. 85. Please where is army Chief of Army Staff, Turkur Buratai?. He is missing even absent from his mother's burial. 86. This was the same NNPC that our brothers from the coastal region said we don't want Igbo people to work there. 87. The reason why you are answering Niger Delta is because you want to separate yourself from an Igbo man. 89. Edwin Clarke, are you having fun with your One Nigeria? Who is in charge of NNPC, is he an Igbo man?. 90. Those of us who grew up in the village know what is called "Okenye Iberibe". You don't give respect to a foolish elder. 91. Igbos want Biafra because of our oil but Fulani are in charge of NNPC. 92. You name your children Ahamefuna but you are living in America and forget home, do you see how daft you are?. 93. If Biafra comes, I will resign. Then go and enjoy life because I have suffered a lot. 94. You are in America And you couldn't pay one ($1) dollar to secure your land. Now Fulani is in your village trying to take over. 95. Our women represents our moral compass, which navigate our very struggle for Biafra restoration. 96. The Original Igbo Union Died in 1970, after the war, we dont have Union now. 97. Edwin Clerk was a saboteur during the war, they bought him with ordinary Commissioner. 98. Yoruba, where is your son Osibanjo?. We don't want you to tell us look at his picture or video. He should speak to people. 99. Within six months of Independence people will be begging for visa to come to Biafra land. 100. You are there with your laptop doing e-rat for three thousand (3k) weekly while ur mate is enjoying with Aisha Buhari in Aso-Rock. 101. All the Saboteurs from Biafra land will never ever come into Biafra land when Biafra is restored. 102. As the Cabals are messing you up with your brain, your Daddy G.O are doing the same. Yoruba pastors must repent. 103. If you write to IPOB and say it is from Portharcourt, your post will be deleted, the place is called Igweocha. 104. Which software Chinese have that we IPOB don't have?. We are still waiting for their pre-recorded broadcast so that we decimate them. 105. I am asking them, show me pictures of Aisha Buhari with Buhari doing love, love before 2017?. They refused. 106. Suddenly Osibanjo is now looking whiter than Michael Jackson. I'm asking them again, where is Osibanjo?. 107. Name any Ijaw family that didn't have Arochukwu blood. Name one. 108. Some of you cannot speak because you are compromised. Allow us to speak because we are not compromised. 109. I have appointed three Emissaries who will speak to people who want to assist us. One in the UK (Rabbi) and two in the US (Madam Oyibo and Mrs Okafor). 110. The Ibibio are related to Anann in Igbo in Abia State. 111. You are there your house is burning and you are waiting for somebody to come and consult you before you know what to do, you see how daft you are. 112. There is Nothing like PH... It's Called Igweocha. PH is dead and he is a man sleeping around with little little boys. 113. Our own Nnennaya Anya, her middle name is Ine an ibibio name. 114. God himself assured me that he will give us Biafra and through IPOB, he will completely disgrace and destroy Nigeria. I am under divine mandate. ::::::::::::::::::::::::: Closing Remark:::::::::::::::: Biafra is our religion, Radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama is our God. From me from here it is Good evening.

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