Compiled By Onwughalu Uchenna and Comr. Nwawube Ezeobi | The Biafra Post May 07, 2020 1. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu offers prayer to heaven. 2. Chukwu Okike Abiama the almighty God of the universe gave me a message to preach to mankind tonight 06/05/2020 and I must preach it.....This is live, this is Radio Biafra and I am Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 3. Awolowo was a mass murderer, he connived with Gowon and murdered more than five [5] million people. 4. They dont want me to preach this gospel tonight but I must do it, even if I end up losing my voice, God bear me witness. 5. The Ohaneze senior have come out to say they never asked anybody to invite Gowon to negotiate on behalf of the Igbos. 6. You are given pipeline security guard to a company that belongs to Sultan of Sokoto and you are telling me you are noble, that you are brave. 7. Before we came on this journey, we were dead already, the more the Zoo delays in granting us referendum, the more they will be dragging everybody down with them Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo are banned and proscribed by IPOB. Anywhere they gather officially, they will see us. Both Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo and Ohaneze youths are proscribed, never to meet in public again. 8. The whole world has recognized Nigeria as a Zoo, Google voice confirmed it. 9. What concerns Nigeria government is Presidency not survival of the people. 10. Go to Google and type "Mass murderers in the world". You will discover that Gowon is number four (4), listed among the names of mass murderers all over the world. 11. I am asking Miyetti Allah, all our business destroyed in the North, who is going to pay us compensation, when our people were massacred in Abuja Church, who paid us compensation?. Mad people everywhere! 12. I told them before that they are experimenting with you because you have no Head of State. 13. Femi Adesina and the rest of them including Aisha Buhari are Photoshoping their way to prison, all of them that knew about the death of Buhari and are hiding it will all end in jail. 14. A Senator said Nigeria population is too much. Ben Bruce and I ask him why not start from committing suicide and the whole of your family to reduce the population?. 15. Chinese brought in illegal yellow vaccine in Kano. That's the truth you are all afraid to say it. Which other African people are dying the way they die in Nigeria?. 16. We are holding them in a bad place from which they can never ever come out from. Just like the Ewi (rodent) in those days, we close all the ends and leave only one escape root where we will wait for them to jump out from, then we start suffocating it from the other end. That is exactly what we are doing to Nigeria. 17. prophet iginla joshua told them to call for a negotiation when they had opportunity to negotiate but they never heard. 18. Any civilised country will storm Aso Rock and storm anybody there but unfortunately Nigeria is not one. Give us Buhari live broadcast and I will denounce Biafra. 19. Where is the money from Abacha loot?. Which account did they pay it in?. I laugh at those that call themselves Nigerians. 20. Nigerians are daft to the core, they don't reason, everybody can just come and loot and go scott free. 21. I told them that I Nnamdi Kanu by the grace of God will strangulate the zoo and they thought I was joking. 22. Jubril Al-Sudani cannot come back, he is in Cuba. 23. I told you that Burutai will not come back, he has run off, what will happen to him will be an example to others. Burutai couldn't attend his mother's burial, his mother was buried today. Beware what you wish others. 24. This IPOB will not forgive, we will hunt them down wherever they may be. 25. When Pastor Iginla told them to go and negotiate, Nnia Nwodo and co-conspirators at Nike lake Hotel told them to go ahead and kill me instead. 26. If Fulani had known, they would have given me my referendum. 27. Aso Rock is undersiege, I know where Buhari is, I know where jubril is (ofcourse he is not coming back). That thing in Aso Rock cannot speak. 28. You jailed a 75 year old man for insulting Buhari but you all insulted Jonathan. You did that because you are in a Sharia state. 29. Jonathan tried to educate Almajiri but they refused now they are shipping them everywhere. 30. Nigerian politicians have been giving away other people's children for experimentation as Guinea pigs from time in memorial, so it didnt start with Corona virus. It doesn't matter if they are Kanuris', Fulanis' or Hausas', they are children for goodness sake. 31. Why they were experimenting with your children, their own children are in abroad studying and you call them your leaders?. No wonder you are a discarded tissue paper. 32. Facebook have cut off our transmission, but they cannot stop us from preaching this gospel of truth. 33. Everywhere the forces of darkness is falling for the gospel of light has come, the gospel of liberation and redemption. 34. The day the zoo will bow is the day the Zoo will open up Aso Rock and the world will see there is nobody there. 35. They will not feed you but they have money to pay Facebook to stop us from preaching so you dont know the evil they are doing. 36. They are using the cover of Corona virus to do the same thing they did before. The same thing they did to those kids in 1996 is the same thing they are doing today. 37. What is going on now is Commercialisation and Industrialization of Corona virus. That is the only thing they are ready to share with you. 38. Malami addressed Ibori's, Alamasiega, Diezani etc as loots and he address that of Abacha as assets. Did you see how the attorney General is defending the dead Abacha, but ordinary IPOB, Nnia Nwodo and others would call for their death. This should serve as a lesson to everybody in the South. 39. Ike Ekweremmadu, have you seen how janjaweed defends their own?. Have you seen your stupidity stare you in the face from this Malami tweet?. 40. The Fulanis' came to Mbaise in Imo State destroyed people's farms and when they reacted, the idiot that called himself Governor asked the people to pay compensation of 8million Naira to the Fulanis' and people call him "My Excellency". 41. I am compiling the list of ethnic attacks on Igbo people, the damages, lost of lives, properties, who will pay the damages, am asking the Miyetti Allah governor of Imo state. 42. Today once again as I said before there is no Head of State in Nigeria, there is politician, today it has been confirmed and proven once again that Buhari is dead, they are Photoshopping now. 43. Aisha Buhari will go to jail because she is among them in the Photoshopping, they think we are illiterates but they don't know that we are learned. 44. The funniest thing is that the President is gone, the impostor is gone, there is nobody running Nigeria. Aso Rock is completely empty. To cover up their dirty acts they called the Chinese to come to Nigeria 45. The type of disease channels is doing now is more dangerous than Corona virus. Please look at the picture of that clown in Aso Rock welcoming Osinbajo, go and look at his neck. Later you will say you are a Nigerian you dey smart oh!, you get sense look at how foolish you are. 46. When you tell Nigerians the truth they pretend to it, Femi Adesina finally spoke out that everything that happened in Nigeria the broadcast were all pre-recorded and this Impostor style of rulership. 47. We are holding Nigeria in a bad place that they can never ever come out of it alive. 48. We have crushed Nigeria, the Zoo has collapsed, we are not relenting. A whole President cannot address Nigerians that means he his dead, they wanted to stop this broadcast tonight because they knows it is an earthquake to them. 49. Femi Adesina finally opens up, he finally said the way Buhari/Jubril talks to Nigerians is like he is talking to tissue papers. Look at the mess the so-called Nigeria has brought their self into, the Zoo has fallen all of them are going to jail. 50. The zoo has fallen. We told them to negotiate with us now but they refused, look at now how they have mess up themselves. 51. We will keep on exposing them, they are finished. 52. Channels TV are liars how can they carry out lies a whole Tv station carrying out lies. 53. I am daring Nigeria to bring out Buhari in public and let's confirm he is the one, then if truly it is Buhari before God and I will drop Biafra agitation. 54. As much as you like, steal everything and when you look and see nobody is looking then you burn down the place and say the building were the money is been kept is burnt. 55. Only six people are deceiving how many millions of Nigeria. 56. Jubril Al-Sudani is in Cuba he cannot come back. 57. You can't mess with IPOB we will hunt you down. 58. Buratia could not attend to his mother's burial, can you see that what goes around comes around, all of you are going to jail, this is fraud, today this so-called Nigerians are paying for their ignorance 59. Aisha Buhari is behaving like a highly drunk Jezebel. While their children are abroad, your own children are been used as experiment on Corona virus vaccine. 60. You are calling Orji Uzor Kalu a thief but you are still recovering Abacha's loot then who is a thief between them?.

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