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March 3, 2020

As Supreme Court Stands Down Judgement On Ihedioha’s Application Mazi Nnamdi Kanu IPOB leader after flooring the Supreme Court in his   early morning broadcast tagged emergency broadcast of  3rd march 2020, where he declared supreme court of Nigeria as Supreme Corruption of Nigeria over the obivious  miscarriage of justice on Imo state election has further taken to his facebook wall to cement his earlier stance, in surggesting that the only optional soft landing for the corrupt supreme court in the reviewing of the judgment is by ordering for fresh election to be conducted to enable Imolite to choose their leader as the world are keenly watching the out come. The statement reads ; in part,

I am glad the counsel to Hope Uzodinma, one Mr Ododo (SAN), conceeded earlier today under cross-examination by the judges that indeed The Supreme Court can revisit or "set aside a previous judgement if there is a slip or clerical errors". Note the term, 'slip or clerical errors' as I warned this morning during our 6 am broadcast. Therefore the flawed judgement of January 14, 2020 imposing the caliphate slave Hope Uzodinma on Imo people can in law be set aside. This is an uncontested fact.

Equally compelling is the submission by Kanu Agabi (SAN) who clarified in simple terms that contrary to common sense and the law, "the number of votes ascribed to the Hope Uzodinma by Tanko Muhammad and his gang at the Supreme Court exceeded the accredited voters by 128k votes". This is a fatal error and as such is a no brainer! Previous judgement using falsified figures to impose Uzodinma cannot stand before God in heaven and man on earth.

Agabi further submitted that Hope Uzodinma in their pleadings before the Appeal Court upon which their case is predicted, stated unequivocally that "2019 Imo State governiship election was invalid". Kanu Agabi wondered why Hope Uzodinma would now benefit from the same electoral process his legal team referred to as 'invalid' in their submissions. The Supreme Court in essence validated invalidity by pronouncing Hope Uzodinma governor in the first instance.

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