Biafra: If You Fail In The Time Of Adversity, Your Strength Is Small

Ndi Igbo si "Mgbe rede ka eji ama dike" (Obu ilu ndi Igbo).
Ma, ibughi dike na obi, you can't stand in the time of adversity.

Image of a smiling child painted with a Biafran flag
Consistency in all you do in life remains the best for your success and victories. Though, it's not yet over until Biafra flag is raised higher in the sky all over the world in our total victory. Therefore, we must continue!

This morning, as I woke up, a thought of "Consistency" hit my mind, and I began meditating over it which also gave rise to this post. In order not to loose part of the message which I believe will help to strengthen my brothers and sisters to remain consistent, I penned it down in appreciation to God who saw us through those days, God who was and is with us, and who will continue seeing us through to the end till we move into our Biafra as Independent and Sovereign State.

I remembererd, in those days how they recruited jobless and educated illiterates across all regions of the country, Nigeria, and many with Igbo names, created multiple groups, and every day, they gathered therein to discuss about us, how to attack our posts and destroy with their lies our undisputable articles about the imminent Biafra, and the reality of the unworkable Nigeria and it's inevitable break up.

After discussing us, they order them to make counter posts en mass and counter our articles with lies, and  some, they asked them to move en mass to our posts and attack the posts on the comment box and water down the reality and perhaps derail the posts and shift people's attention from the truth and content of the posts. But our people were always on ground to show them pepper, 'that khaki no be leather'.

These things happened before us every day on this 'zuckervile'. We fought the beasts here tirelessly daily between 2015 and 2018... non stop.

What about the period of operation python dance in Afara Ukwu Umuahia, that caused the forceful disappearance of our leader for over one year? Anyway, they thought it for evil, but God was incharge and all worked together for our good. We saw and read many things, and we stayed many sleepless nights with God in tears and still was working and writing till he reappeared and still working. All glory to God.

And when we thought we had seen it all, we sadly discovered that, what we had seen in the past was a tip of the iceberg, as those we thought were looking for the same freedom with us were actually not, but only hung on the agitation to buy time and even used our Biafra struggle and played opposition to the ruling APC, since their PDP were so disorganized and weak and could not play opposition to the APC.

So, as 2019 general election drew closer, the people that were writing about marginalisation, how Nigeria is irredeemable and division is the only solution, I mean these men and women we thought were with us seeking for freedom, all of sudden turned around and became heavily 'atikulated' and nigerianised and became the worse opposition to the great IPOB. They formed multiple atikulation groups to fight IPOB, but as usual, we withstood them headlong (unrestrained forward motion) and finally, what we told them would happen to them with their PVC came to pass. In the end, Atiku didn't finally "cum" as they deceived them he was "cumming", hahaha; and in turn, they used them and deceived the unsuspecting general public.

But have they learned their lessons? No. I doubt. They have temporarily retired, but still holding the people captive and deceiving them with their sweet words, and waiting for 2023 election period to come, then, they will start another dance of shame with their PVC.

We are unshakable!
We are unstoppable!
We dey where we dey, no shifting ground. It's either Biafra or Biafra. The time of restructuring is over and gone.

There is nothing on earth that can adequately compensate our losses, at least, except Independeny And Sovereign State Of Biafra.

No Biafra, No Peace!
No Biafra, No Nigeria!

Biafra restoration is a done deal.

Written by
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya.
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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